An Understated Dominance by Marina Vittori Chapter 2196

Chapter 2196

“Where is the target? How far is it from the restaurant?”

In the headset, Yan Buqi’s voice suddenly rose twice, appearing quite excited.

In addition to the ambush masters, there are also many hidden sentries hidden around the restaurant, and Xu Yang is one of them.

If there is any trouble, they will know it immediately.

“The entrance to the east street is about two hundred meters away from the restaurant.”

Xu Yang’s voice sounded again, and he accurately reported the location.

“How is this person dressed?” Yan Buqi asked again.

“It seems that he is wearing black clothes and covering his face. He is far away and can’t see clearly.” Xu Yang replied.

It was getting late now, his vision was blurry, and visibility was very low. He could only barely get a rough look.

“It should be him!” Yan Buqi lowered his voice: “Everyone listen to my orders. Once the killer enters the ambush, immediately encircle and suppress him!”

Looking forward to the stars and the moon, the killer finally arrived.

Listening to the voice in the headset, Dustin glanced out the window.

Sure enough, they found that a vague figure appeared at the entrance of East Street.

The figure is hidden in the darkness, walking very slowly, and looking around from time to time, looking very alert.

While walking, the figure seemed to have discovered something, and suddenly stopped, motionless.

After standing there for three seconds, the figure turned around and left without hesitation, speeding up a bit.

“No! The man went back!”

At this time, Xu Yang suddenly made a sound of surprise.

“What? Go back? Did we reveal our flaws?” Liu Hongxue’s voice sounded.

“This guy is too alert. He must have discovered something.” Xu Yang said.

“Master Yan, what should we do now? Do we want to chase him?” Liu Rushuang asked.

“This opportunity must not be missed before it comes again. Everyone, take action!” Yan Buqi directly sent out the attack signal without hesitation.

He knew very well that if he missed this opportunity, it would be even more impossible to arrest him next time.


Following Yan Buqi’s order, the masters lurking around jumped out one after another and rushed towards the figure in front.

The figure didn’t hesitate at all. When it was confirmed that there was an ambush, he immediately ran for his life at an extremely fast speed.

The warriors chased and took small paths to surround them.

Suddenly, the streets and alleys became extremely noisy.

The sounds of footsteps, shouts, and curses came and went.

Dustin sat in the restaurant, looking through the window at the people drifting away, thoughtfully.

Instead of giving chase, he continued drinking.

He had a hunch that the man just now was not the real killer.

If Yan Jin’s previous information was correct, then the real killer should be born with a disability.

Even though it is powerful, its movements will be somewhat uncoordinated due to physical limitations.

The figure who escaped just now was walking as fast as flying, moving as usual, and showed no signs of being damaged at all.

So there is a high probability that he is not a real killer.

Of course, it cannot be ruled out that the other party is an accomplice of the killer.

So the question is, if the killer is not here, where will he appear?

“Ta, ta, ta…”

At this time, a burst of slow and rhythmic footsteps suddenly sounded behind him.

At this moment, the restaurant was completely empty, leaving only Dustin sitting alone, which seemed particularly quiet.

Even the sound of slight footsteps is very abrupt.

“Huh?” Dustin looked back.


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