The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6298

. Zhou Liangyun nodded.

Seeing that he no longer insisted, Zhou Liangyun changed the topic and said, “By the way, young master, I have hidden the Sifang Baozhuang in the same place. After you leave here, you must take it out as soon as possible and bring it back to China as soon as possible.” . 

Charlie nodded and asked him, “Uncle Zhou, where did you hide the Sifang Baobang?” “

Zhou Liangyun smiled and said, “The square treasure building is hidden outside the door of the Zhou family’s manor in New Jersey, near New York. “

As he spoke, Zhou Liangyun added, “Outside the gate of my manor, there is a pair of very majestic stone lions. Inside the base of the male lion, there is a hidden compartment. The four-sided treasure building is hidden there. It is not difficult to open the hidden compartment. , just use a small crane or forklift to lift the male lion’s body directly, the base will open, and the hidden compartment will be inside. “

charlie asked in surprise, “Such an important thing has always been placed at your door? “

“yes. “Zhou Liangyun smiled and said, “The Rothschild family has already searched all the properties, all the shops and all the related places of our Zhou family countless times. In my family’s manor, the walls, ceilings and underground are all added up. There are a total of sixteen hidden compartments. They have already used the most professional equipment to dig through them, but they never dreamed that the things were actually in the stone lion at the door. “

As he spoke, Zhou Liangyun added, “By the way, the jade pot spring vase containing the “Nine Mysterious Heavenly Scriptures” has been hidden there for the past twenty years without any changes. The United States is originally a sparsely populated place. Not in the city center, every house is quite large. It is very common to see two stone lions at the entrance of a Chinese manor. Only by hiding here can I ensure maximum safety. Otherwise, no matter where I hide, I will leave traces during my actions. , As long as they follow a little bit, they can find it sooner or later, but if this thing has never left my house, then they won’t be able to catch any clues;” “Besides, my house is located in a

remote place, and the manor is at the end of a small road. There is no surveillance at the door, and there are no outsiders. The entire process can be kept absolutely confidential. To them, this thing is as if it has disappeared from the world, and the stone will last forever. Not to mention twenty years, even two hundred years will not be given to it. No matter what impact it brings, it can always stand there and keep guarding the secrets inside. “

When charlie heard this, he couldn’t help but marvel. Being able to put such an important thing at an undefended door really requires a very strong mentality. It can be seen that

Zhou Liangyun himself is also a very courageous and courageous person. You are an awesome person who dares to think and do it.

At this time, Zhou Liangyun reminded charlie again, “By the way, young master, although it has been a few months since the incident happened, it cannot be ruled out that the Rothschild family is still secretly watching my family, but I believe that with your The strength should not be discovered by them. “

charlie nodded, “Don’t worry, Uncle Zhou, this matter is not a problem for me. After I go out, I will bring the Sifang Baozhu back to China as soon as possible. After I return it to Zhao in its entirety, I will let people Releasing the news made the Rothschild family completely give up. “

As he said, charlie thought of something again and said, “Just letting them give up would be too easy for them. This matter must ruin their reputation. I will find a way to let them send you out personally and give you your freedom. ! “

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