The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6299

Seeing charlie’s firm attitude, Zhou Liangyun couldn’t help but tell him, “Master, you must not have any head-on conflict with the Rothschild family because of me. I can’t bear it. It will mess up the big plan…”

charlie nodded, “Uncle Zhou, don’t worry, now the enemy is open and we are hidden, it can be said that it is easy to make the Rothschild family look bad and make them uncomfortable.” As he said, charlie looked at Zhou

Liangyun , and said, “Uncle Zhou, I still have some questions that I would like you to answer for me.”

Zhou Liangyun said hurriedly, “Young master, just say it.”

charlie quickly asked, “I also want to know how my father touched the Nine Mysteries Sutra.” “Preface” and “Nine Mysterious Scriptures”? In addition, how did my father get involved with the Po Qing Society?”

Zhou Liangyun sighed, “Your father has a similar experience to you. He obtained the “Preface to the Nine Mysterious Scriptures” “The process is very similar to the process you used to obtain the “Nine Mysterious Scriptures”.”

charlie thought of some information that his uncle once said, and asked in surprise, “Could it be that my father also obtained the “Nine Mysterious Scriptures Preface” from an antique?” “?” 

“Yes.” Zhou Liangyun nodded heavily.

charlie quickly asked, “What exactly happened?”

Zhou Liangyun said, “You got the “Nine Mysterious Heavenly Scriptures”. Your father entrusted me to bring the “Nine Mysterious Heavenly Scriptures” to you, but your father got the “Nine Mysterious Heavenly Scriptures”. “Xuan Jing Preface” was a complete accident.”

Then, he explained in detail, “Back then, your father, like me, also liked to study the Book of Changes and all kinds of Chinese antiques, so he often went to stores in Queens to look for them. We also often study some antique cultural relics together;” “

At that time, I had not started to recover the cultural relics lost overseas for China. I was just doing antique business. However, your father had been doing this, so I later Influenced by him, we began to work with him to help those precious Chinese cultural relics return to China;” “

Because we have common hobbies and common ambitions, your father and I became very good friends. During that time, our family’s antique shops opened one after another. We encountered a lot of troubles and were plotted by many people. We relied on your father’s help to get through the difficulties. He is the benefactor of our family.” Speaking of

this, Zhou Liangyun sighed, recalled for a moment, and said: “Twenty One day many years ago, a down-and-out British aristocrat came to our family’s store in London. Because he encountered a major change, he had many antiques in his house that he was anxious to liquidate. A large part of the antiques came from China. He knew that our family was in He is quite professional in Chinese antiques, so he came to us hoping to pack up and sell all the Chinese cultural relics in his home to us;” “

At that time, I flew to London to participate in the appraisal of the house of a down-and-out nobleman., there are a total of 487 Chinese cultural relics, and there are indeed many good things among them. There are more than a dozen blue and white porcelains from the Yuan and Ming dynasties alone. In addition, there are two very precious pastels, and other Ming and Ming dynasties. There are countless porcelains from the official kilns of the Qing Dynasty;”

“In the antique market, blue and white porcelain and pastel are the ceiling of porcelain, and the price has always been very high. The official kilns are also synonymous with quality and high prices, and the prices are also very strong;” “

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