The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6300

Except In addition, there are several palace collections that have been clearly recorded by the Qing court, and the prices are even higher.” “For

such a large number of ceiling-level cultural relics, even if they are packaged at a discounted price, the other party’s lowest price was more than 20 years ago. , also reached 200 million U.S. dollars;” “

Although our family’s business scale was relatively large back then, the antique industry is a very capital-intensive project after all. If we calculate the family property, it may be over a billion or even several billion U.S. dollars. , but a large part of it is inventory in stores around the world. It is really powerless to spend 200 million US dollars;” “

Moreover, in the antique industry, the inventory cannot be liquidated too quickly. The more inventory, the more heavy it must be. Stay calm;”

“Because the antique industry, like the stock market, is most afraid of concentrated selling and smashing the market. I can buy ten Yuan blue and white porcelain from all over the world in one breath. The more I buy, the price of blue and white porcelain on the market will be The higher it is, but I definitely can’t sell ten Yuan blue and white flowers at one go. In that case, other Yuan blue and white collectors may panic, and then sell accordingly, smashing the price of Yuan blue and white to the ground;” “So, at that time, we

were It is unrealistic to sell things to raise funds. Otherwise, the profit from this order may be lost invisibly due to our own behavior of selling. In addition, the mortgage loan period is also relatively long, so we almost couldn’t afford it at that time. “One order;”

“At that time, I knew that your father was also very interested in antiques, so I wanted to get him into a partnership. Firstly, it could solve the problem of funds on hand for me, and secondly, we could make a lot of money together, because I had estimated it at the time. “If you bring in that batch of antiques and bring them back to Hong Kong Island to be auctioned off to domestic collectors one after another, it will be absolutely no problem to clear out and recover US$350 million in two years;” “So, I propose that you and your father each contribute half of the capital

. Then the profits are also divided in half, but what your father means is that he can pay 100 million US dollars, but he hopes that I can divide the batch of antiques into two, and I will handle my own half, and his half, He wants to donate back to China through the Chinese Embassy in the United States;”

“I really admired his decision at the time, so after we jointly captured these antiques, I secretly transported them to New York, and then asked him to come over and select them personally. ;”

“My idea at that time was that no matter what your father chooses or how much it is worth, as long as he chooses it, he will take it and hand it over to the embassy. Even if our Zhou family ends up losing money, I will accept this deal.”

Speaking of this, Zhou Liangyun said with emotion, “The majority of the antiques at that time were porcelains. Together with your father, I began to check and count the porcelains one by one. The verification was very simple, just open the individual packaging of each piece of porcelain and compare it.” Go through the list and find the specific details on the list. After checking, take it out and check it. If there is no problem, put it back and continue to check the next one.” “

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