The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6301

When your father took out a Yue kiln celadon ewer from the packaging box, that piece The pot fell directly to the ground and cracked. Like your father-in-law, your father also clearly felt the vibration of the pot. Then both of us saw that after the pot cracked, there was an ancient book the size of a palm inside; “

” At that time, we thought that the book recorded some important unknown history. The two of us sat on the ground together and I watched your father open the book with my own eyes. But then, the book turned into ashes out of thin air. Disappeared…”

When charlie heard this, he couldn’t help but sigh, “It seems that the hidden logic and triggering logic of the “Nine Mysterious Sutra Preface” and the “Nine Mysterious Heavenly Sutra” are the same.” “Yes.”

Zhou Liangyun nodded, “I just thought it was a little weird at the time, but your father told me that the contents of the book had completely entered his mind. Of course I didn’t believe it at the time. I thought your father was joking, but I didn’t expect that he actually used the store to With the pen, ink, paper and inkstone in the book, I wrote out the contents of the book word for word, and I couldn’t stop writing.” “

I noticed something was wrong and quickly informed your mother to come to the store, so the two of us accompanied your father. He kept writing, and your mother and I sorted and bound the pages he wrote. It took two days and two nights to sort out all the “Preface to the Nine Mysteries Sutra”.” charlie quickly asked, “Uncle Zhou, are you also

? Have you read the “Preface to the Nine Mysteries Sutra”? What is recorded in it?”

Zhou Liangyun said, “The contents recorded in the “Preface to the Nine Mysteries Sutra” are all-encompassing, but its real core is actually a piece of text that needs to be read from the text. A little bit of deciphered map. At that time, your parents were very interested in studying and deciphering the “Nine Mysteries Sutra Preface”. Thanks to your father’s blessing, I also studied it briefly, but I was born and raised in the United States and speak Chinese. I didn’t have a good foundation. I found the content really obscure and difficult to understand, and I quickly lost track of it.I lost my interest in research;”

“Later, your parents left the United States and returned to China. It is said that they spent a lot of effort to find the places mentioned in the “Nine Mysteries Sutra Preface”, and finally went through a lot of hardships before they succeeded. The Bible was brought from that place by your father.

charlie hurriedly asked, “Is that place called the Secret of Immortality? ” “

I don’t know…” Zhou Liangyun said, “Your father didn’t tell me in detail. He just told me that I’d better not know too much about these things. I believe it must be because he didn’t want to say more.” Because of my consideration, I didn’t ask in detail. “

charlie asked him, “Uncle Zhou, do you still have the content of “Preface to the Nine Mysteries Sutra”? Zhou

Liangyun hesitated for a moment and said seriously, “Master, your father once gave me a set of photocopies of his handwritten version of the Preface to the Nine Mysteries Sutra. Although I did not study it in detail, I have always kept that set of photocopies.” “

charlie said excitedly, “Great! I wanted to study the “Preface to the Nine Mysteries Sutra” before, but I never knew where to find the contents of this book. Since you have a photocopy, I may be able to find some clues from it. “

Zhou Liangyun said with an expression of embarrassment, “It’s just that, young master, when your father handed me the jade pot spring vase containing the “Nine Mysteries Sutra”, he once told me that he had obtained the “Nine Mysteries Sutra Preface” and said to him, It was a disaster for your mother, and a blessing and a disaster for you. He also regretted studying this book very much, and said that if he was given a chance to choose again, he would rather he never got it. I have never studied the content recorded in this book…” “

So, are you sure you really want to read this book? “

charlie laughed at himself and said seriously, “Uncle Zhou, the reason why my father regrets it is because he was originally an outsider. He could have lived his life in peace, but because of this book, he was involved and became a trap. “

But he still had a choice back then, but I didn’t! “

“When I was born, or when my father gave me my destiny when I was eight years old, I was already a person in the game. ” “

“I am not qualified to choose whether to join this game. I am not qualified to choose whether to get the “Nine Mysterious Heavenly Scriptures” because my father has already made the decision for me, and my father must be helpless. He knows , I was born in this game, and the only thing I can do is to survive in this game as much as possible. “

So, do you think that when things have reached this point, do I still need to hesitate to read “Preface to the Nine Mysteries Sutra”?” “

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