The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6302

As an elder and a close friend of charlie’s father, Zhou Liangyun instinctively hoped that charlie would not make the same mistake as charlie’s father did. However, charlie’s words made him suddenly realize that in fact, when charlie’s father decided to study “The Preface to the Nine Mysteries Sutra” 》, his own fate and that of his son charlie were already doomed.

charlie was destined to never have a peaceful and stable life. This life was destined to be full of dangers.

Thinking of this, he couldn’t help but sigh, “When I knew that there are three, six, and nine levels of human destiny, I thought that your father’s dragon could already stand tall in Jiuzhou without falling. But now it seems that even if you, young master, are already the leader of the rising dragon, Although he has a strong character, there are still difficulties and challenges everywhere.”

charlie smiled slightly and said calmly, “Now it seems that everything is destined.”

After saying that, charlie looked at Zhou Liangyun and said respectfully, “Uncle Zhou, thank you for helping me. Don’t worry about everything you do. I will arrange the rest. You only need to suffer here for one more night. Tomorrow, I will let you leave this secret room. It won’t take long before you can regain your freedom.” Zhou Liangyun nodded

. He bowed his head and said respectfully, “I will obey the young master’s instructions in everything I do.”

charlie shouted loudly at this time, “Bruce, get in here!”

Bruce Weinstein who was outside the door quickly walked in respectfully and asked respectfully, “Mr. What are your orders?” charlie asked him, “Since you are a dog of the Rothschild family, let me ask you, how satisfied are you with the Rothschild family? ? On a scale from 1 to 10, how much can you give them?”

“Satisfaction?” Bruce Weinstein frowned and said firmly, “I’ll give them a 1!” “

Oh?” Realizing himself charlie, who had discovered the breakthrough point, looked at Bruce with interest and asked curiously, “Logically speaking, you can be considered a confidant of the Rothschild family. All you have contact with are core members of the Rothschild family. So why do you Just give them one point?”

Bruce Weinstein said with some indignation, “I am indeed their confidant, and the contacts are indeed the core members of their family, but they only left me in this shit. It’s such a shitty place, I have no future at all here, and the most egregious thing is, Matt Rothschild cheated on me and had s*x with my wife! It’s because of this that he put me Arranged to Brooklyn Prison! The most hateful thing is that I already knew that they were involved, but for such a long time I had to pretend not to know at all! This is simply the greatest shame for a man!” charlie

heard Here, I couldn’t help but ask with a gossipy smile, “Who is this Matt Rothschild you are talking about? How do you know he is having s*x with your wife?” Bruce Weinstein blurted out, “

Matt ·Rothschild is one of the twelve grandsons of the current patriarch of the Rothschild family. He is also the person I serve directly in the Rothschild family. He is mainly responsible for the family’s gray business in the United States. Those who deal with money are mainly casinos and related loan sharking industries, and those who deal with politics are mainly the American judiciary.” “

I had been managing the casino business for him in Las Vegas, and my wife and children were also there. I settled in Las Vegas, and it was he who transferred me to New York. At first, I didn’t know what the secret was, until one time, when I went home for vacation, I found a piece of wood in the bathroom floor drain at home. Hair that doesn’t belong to me, my wife has brown hair, I have blond hair, and that hair is black…”r>

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