The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6304

In order to alleviate the troubles Zhou Liangyun encountered and at the same time turn passivity into initiative, charlie planned to make Bruce Weinstein betray him.

However, before letting this person rebel, you must first find out how loyal this person is to the Rothschild family.

If Bruce Weinstein is a man who is extremely loyal to the Rothschild family and rashly betrays him, it will only make everyone feel surprised and incomprehensible. It will give people a feeling that something will happen if something goes wrong. intuition.

It was precisely because of this that charlie asked Bruce Weinstein about his inner satisfaction with the Rothschild family.

Unexpectedly, this question brought up a big melon.

Bruce Weinstein was actually cuckolded by a direct member of the Rothschild family. With this background, it would be very reasonable and natural for him to betray him.

After all, even the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have a point where they can’t stand it any longer and no longer need it. Who

’s neck doesn’t feel uncomfortable if you wear this cuckold too much?

So charlie kept giving him psychological hints, letting him know that in front of a man’s dignity, those few dollars were nothing.

At this moment, Bruce Weinstein was completely over the top. If that Matt Rothschild were in front of him now, charlie had no doubt that he would tear him to pieces without giving orders. .

So, he said to Bruce Weinstein, “Bruce, the most important thing for you right now is to use your actual actions to launch a man’s revenge on the Rothschild family!” Bruce Weinstein said without

thinking He blurted out, “I know! I will definitely make them pay the price. Let them know that if they sleep with my Bruce Weinstein’s wife, they must pay the price!”

charlie nodded and asked, “What do you think is the most important thing right now?” What’s a good counterattack?”

“Exposed!” Bruce Weinstein cursed angrily, “I want to expose, I want to post all those videos online! I want to shame him!” After saying that, his eyes suddenly became dazed, and he murmured dejectedly

. He murmured, “No… If this is true, I will become the laughing stock of the whole United States…”

Seeing his instinctive hesitation, charlie patted him on the shoulder and said, “We have an old saying in China: sacrifice one’s life for righteousness, sacrifice one’s life for charity. ! You have been F*cking bullied like this. As a normal man, you can risk your life, but you still care about your F*cking face! Have you ever thought that there are no airtight pants in this world? If you Now that you have been exposed, in the eyes of others, you will be a warrior who dares to take revenge. If you are exposed by others in the future, you will be a coward who gave up your wife to the boss and didn’t even dare to fart!” At this point

, , charlie looked at his red eyes and asked him, “The choice is now up to you. Do you want to be a warrior, or do you want to be a turtle?”

Bruce Weinstein’s heart was completely ignited by charlie, With a ferocious face, he roared, “I want to be a warrior!”

charlie said coldly, “Louder!”

Bruce Weinstein immediately shouted loudly, “I want to be a warrior!!!”

charlie was satisfied. He nodded and praised, “Okay! If you have this momentum, the Rothschild family will surrender to you!” After that,

he asked, “Remember, use your mobile phone to take pictures of the situation in this basement later. Come down and tell everyone that this is the secret stronghold where the Rothschild family uses public weapons for personal use, tarnishes American justice, and imprisons victims!” “After this video is

posted, this

Immediately release the video of Matt Rothschild having an affair with your wife! “

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