The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6306

In the cell at night, a group of prisoners were taking turns taking a cold shower in the bathroom.

The reason why they lined up to take a cold shower was because charlie asked them to do everything possible to get rid of the body odor.

This group of prisoners was originally a group of inmates who didn’t care about cleanliness. In addition, they already had strong body odor and no deodorant. A dozen of them were gathered together. When they closed their eyes, they thought the septic tank had exploded.

At this time, Gustavo came to charlie with a flattering face while wiping his hair, and asked respectfully, “Mr. Wade, did you go out to meet Bruce just now?”

charlie said coldly, “Please note this for me later.” Come on, don’t ask blind questions about things you shouldn’t ask.”

“Yes, yes, yes…” Gustavo nodded repeatedly, and then asked him with some worry, “Mr. Wade, I have something to ask you, I don’t know. Is it inconvenient?”

charlie said calmly, “Just tell me.”

Gustavo said hurriedly, “Mr. Wade, to be honest, I don’t know what crime you committed, whether a trial will be held, and how long the sentence will be after the trial. Time, I may not be able to get out of this prison in my life. What if you get out one day? What will I do in here… What if my bastard son wants my life? Do they all have to die here?” 

Charlie asked curiously, “What do you mean? Do you want me to stay here with you?”

Gustavo looked horrified. He waved his hands hurriedly and said, “No, no, Mr. Wade, you misunderstood. How dare I think so… I just think you have great powers. Can you help me think of a way?”

charlie shook his head and said casually, “I don’t have this.” What a good idea? I can only promise you that I will protect you for one day here. But if I go out tomorrow, it can only mean that the fate of the two of us has come and it is time to go our separate ways. As for what will happen to you in the future? If you can, that’s your problem.”

Gustavo begged with a horrified expression, “Mr. Wade, please help me think of a solution. Look at my age, I can’t just die in this prison, right? “

charlie looked at him and asked with great interest, “Since you asked me this question, I believe you should have a solution in mind. Why don’t you just tell me your solution? Let’s see if there is any value in adopting it.”

Gustavo was overjoyed, and he quickly came closer and said respectfully, “Mr. Wade, I just thought of two plans: one forward and one retreat. I’m afraid both of my plans are useless. I need your help.”

charlie waved his hand, “You speak first, and I’ll listen.”

Gustavo said hurriedly, “The more radical plan is that we both find a way to escape from the Brooklyn Prison, Leave New York, or even leave the United States.”

As he spoke, Gustavo added, “The time window for this plan is very short. Joseph wanted to kill me today, but you stopped him. I estimate that my son will ask him soon. If Joseph can’t kill me within a day or two, I willWith my son’s character, he will definitely choose someone else. When the time comes, I will still be in trouble. While I still have a little influence with the warden, I can ask him to quietly arrange for both of us to leave. I told him as an excuse that we were going out to play with women and would be back early tomorrow morning so that we could leave the prison and run away! “

charlie curled his lips, “What you think is quite beautiful. Even if you run out, if you don’t come back tomorrow, the Romanian police will definitely put you on a global warrant. By then, how can you escape from the United States? What’s more, your son now controls the entire Sanchez family. If she knows that you have escaped from prison, she will definitely try her best to kill you. Maybe killers all over Mexico and the United States want your head, and your subordinates don’t know. Have you been bribed by your son? There is no one you can trust, how can you run away? “

Gustavo said with hot eyes, “Mr. Wade, I have to rely on you to help me. You are a very capable person. You can find a way to take me back to Mexico. As long as I can return to Mexico safely, the rest of the Sanchez family will People will definitely support me in taking power again, and I will thank you deeply when the time comes! I dare not say billions of dollars in cash, but our Sanchez family can still get it. If it doesn’t work, I can give you cocaine worth 10 billion US dollars, and it will be considered as offset! “

charlie snorted disdainfully, “To be honest, I don’t want any of the money you earn. “

As he spoke, charlie continued in a cold tone, “You also know that my parents are both Chinese. China has had a history of shame for nearly a hundred years in modern times. At least half of the responsibility for this can be attributed to the Opium War launched in the UK. superior! In the 19th century, this self-proclaimed gentleman country devoted all its efforts to manufacturing and selling opium, poisoning hundreds of millions of Chinese people. It can be regarded as the ancestor of your Sanchez family. If you want to ask which country in the world people hate drug dealers the most, China Must be ranked first! As a son and daughter of the Chinese people, if I ask you for money from a drug dealer, wouldn’t that be a disgrace to my ancestors? “

Gustavo said anxiously, “Mr. Wade, although I am a drug dealer, I have never committed any drugs to China! I sell all my drugs to Americans, and I earn US dollars, so you don’t have to feel any psychological burden at all! “

charlie said coldly, “You don’t need to argue here, your money is really not attractive to me. Gustavo

quickly said, “That’s it, Mr. Wade, as long as you can help me regain my position as the head of the family, the Sanchez family will only follow your lead in the future!” I will do whatever you ask me to do! Don’t underestimate the Sanchez family. Not only do we have tens of billions of dollars in assets, we also have a huge private armed force, drug trafficking, and money laundering networks. We are still very capable! “

charlie looked at him, then looked at the cells around him, and asked him with a smile, “Are you really very capable? “

Gustavo knew what he meant

Si, coughing twice in embarrassment, explained, “Of course, although we are very powerful, we are just a stinkier fart in front of the US government…” At this point

, Gustavo sighed deeply and said dejectedly, “Mr. Wade, how about I tell you about the second plan? The second plan is not so radical…”

charlie nodded, “You say .”

Gustavo said hurriedly, “Look Mr. Wade, Joseph is still very influential in Brooklyn Prison. Since you are his uncle and he respects you so much and listens to you in everything, can you Tell him that he will try his best to keep me alive in Brooklyn Prison no matter what.” 

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