The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6309

The screen content is replaced with the user’s next screen content to ensure that more people can see this explosive content in the shortest possible time.

As a result, this video instantly ignited the entire American Internet.

What’s even more interesting is that many people went back to watch the first video because they saw the second video.

These people originally just wanted to watch something inappropriate for children in a boring late night, but unexpectedly, because of this path, they suddenly fell into a sensitive political whirlpool.

Some of them even unbuttoned their belts and took out the toilet paper, and then angrily threw the toilet paper on the ground. With cursing hands, they began to reply and launched a strong protest and dissatisfaction with the actions of the Rothschild family.

When the Rothschild family became aware of these two videos, they immediately deleted them from the video platform they controlled and blocked Bruce Weinstein’s video. account. But

the problem is that the most popular short video platform at the moment is not under their control.

This is because charlie acquired the most popular short video platform in the world more than a year ago.

Therefore, what Bruce Weinstein posts here is completely uninfluenced.

At this time, the entire Rothschild family exploded!

Faced with the increasing number of views of the video and the increasing number of abuses and accusations, the head of the Rothschild family, 70-year-old Howard Rothschild, was immediately furious. He immediately ordered to summon all his descendants to start a line. At the meeting, Matt Rothschild was specifically asked to go to New York to explain to him in person tomorrow.

However, at this moment, Matt Rothschild has turned off his mobile phone and is experiencing the pleasure of having an affair with his wife at the house of a cousin of his.

His cousin, also a core member of the Rothschild family, is the eldest son of his fifth uncle. He just got married last year. Soon after the marriage, his wife was hooked up by Matt. Every time this cousin left New York When traveling overseas on business, he would secretly have trysts with his wife.

During the video conference, all the children and grandchildren came online one after another, including the cousin who was being cuckolded by Matt, who was also connected to the video conference in South Africa, thousands of miles away, but Matt himself, who had caused the trouble, did not appear for a long time. , which made Howard furious.

Wearing his pajamas, he yelled at the camera and dozens of children and grandchildren on the screen, “Where is that bastard Matt?! He got into such a big trouble, and why didn’t he get his first wife?”Show up in no time! Matt

‘s father Robert said in a panic, “Father, I called that bastard Matt, but his phone couldn’t be connected. It must have been turned off.”

Howard was furious and reprimanded, “You can’t find him if you turn off your phone? ” Is that all you have? Where is his assistant? Where is his driver? Where are his bodyguards? Even if he is still having an affair, at least he will be protected secretly by security guards, right? Within five minutes, if you still can’t get him to appear in the video conference, tomorrow morning, you, Matt, and your family will leave the United States and leave the Rothschild family immediately! “

Robert was so frightened that he was asked to leave the family. Wouldn’t that mean he was expelled directly?

Panic-stricken, he immediately took out his cell phone and called Matt’s head of security, the head of the bodyguard. The call was connected

. , he directly asked, “Jack, where is Matt?” “

Jack was now in the car outside the place where Matt had an affair. As a bodyguard, he wholeheartedly protected Matt’s safety, so he didn’t pay attention to what was happening on the Internet. After receiving a call from

Matt’s father, he was also the first to Shi Shi wanted to cover it up, so he said, “Master, the young master has already rested. “

Robert quickly ordered, “Go in immediately and wake him up, and tell him to log in to the video conference within five minutes. This is what his grandfather requested, and there must be no delay!” “

At this time, the elderly Howard walked up to Robert, took his mobile phone, turned on the speaker, and said coldly, “I’ll have someone send you the address of the video conference. You can connect in immediately, and then rush in as quickly as possible. Come to Matt without informing him in advance! I want to know clearly what this bastard who caused such a huge disaster is doing at this moment! “

Jack said in a panic, “Dear Mr. Patriarch, it may be inconvenient for Master Matt right now…”

Howard suddenly yelled, “I don’t care if it’s inconvenient for others, do as I say immediately! If you dare to collude with him to fool me, I will kill you! “

As soon as Jack heard this, he knew that he had no choice.

Although he was working for Robert and Matt, the father and son, Howard Rothschild was the real big boss. In front of him, Rothschild The rest of the family is insignificant!

So, he gritted his teeth and immediately logged into the video conference as prompted. Then he faced all the core members of the Rothschild family except Matt and said to the two subordinates around him, “You two, immediately Come rush in with me! “

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