The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6310

At this moment, Howard was completely unwilling to care about Matt’s condition and life and death.

He only knows that Matt has caused a huge disaster now. If Matt really caused irreparable losses to the family, he would rather throw Matt out as a sacrifice and let him take all the blame, and then let the American people take him away. shred.

After receiving his instructions, the bodyguard naturally completely forgot about Matt’s face. The three of them rushed to the door to cooperate with each other. Jack took his mobile phone to broadcast live, and the other two kicked the room after a few meters of running. The door flew open.

These three people were originally top special forces retired from the U.S. Navy’s Special Forces and Navy SEALs. Before they retired, the three of them already had many years of experience and tacit understanding of working together to perform tasks. So

at this moment, they perfectly copied the combat case of the US Navy SEALs about forcibly breaking into an indoor space. After kicking the door open, the three of them quickly rushed to the bedroom where the target was.

At this time, Matt was launching the final attack on his cousin’s wife.

Hearing the sound of the door being kicked open suddenly, the hesitating couple were shocked, especially the woman in his arms. They woke up from the joy of their affair almost instantly, but Matt was already at the end of the line. At this critical moment, his body and brain had gone crazy to some extent. Although he was panicking, he couldn’t stop moving at all.

Just when he felt that he was about to reach his peak, the door of the bedroom was kicked down. With a bang as the door fell to the ground, three bodyguards rushed into the room.

Jack’s right hand seemed to be an iron fist, holding the phone motionless. The picture at this time was also synchronized to the Rothschild family’s video conference in real time.

During the video conference, a man suddenly became furious and yelled, “Matt! You’re F*cking sleeping with my wife!”

This roar caused chaos in the entire video conference room.

None of the Rothschild family members present at the meeting expected that Matt was actually having an affair with his cousin’s wife at this moment.

Even the well-informed Howard was completely shocked at this time.

Matt realized something was wrong, and while he wrapped himself and his sister-in-law in a quilt in a panic, he looked at Jack angrily and horrified and asked, “Are you crazy?! Who let you in?! You were taking pictures with your phone. What?!”

Jack had no choice but to bite the bullet and said, “The patriarch asked me to come in, and now my mobile phone is broadcasting live to the core members of the family.” “

What did you say?!” Matt collapsed instantly and hurriedly Looking at the phone camera, he said in a panic, “Grandpa, please listen to my explanation…she seduced me!” The

cousin-in-law, who was frightened and at a loss, was also frightened by Matt’s remarks about blaming him!

She collapsed immediately, crying and shouting, “Mr. Howard, I didn’t seduce Matt! He didof me! It was he who had been uaing me, brainwashing me, and making me betray Charles and have an affair with him! Don’t believe his sophistry! “

At this time, in the video conference, the betrayed Charles Rothschild cried and said, “Grandpa! You must seek justice for me! Howard

‘s face was livid, and he gritted his teeth and said, “Matt, you are really a disgrace to the Rothschild family!” I now give you a chance to atone. Immediately admit to the public that everything that happened to Bruce Weinstein and Peter Zhou was your personal behavior and has nothing to do with the Rothschild family. At the same time, you will surrender to the police immediately. If you do so, If you do, your father can still stay in the Rothschild family, and when you are released from prison, you can also retain the treatment in the family. “

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