The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6352

They are not public at all, and they rarely even appear in media reports. Although there are many rumors about them in the market, But they have never come forward to admit or deny it. Few people know how strong they really are, but today, charlie finally saw it.

The Rothschild family is so powerful that they can use the public assets of many U.S. government departments for private use and let them serve themselves, including the FBI, CIA, Food and Drug Administration, and Anti-Smuggling Administration Even the National Security Agency, these departments were actually able to perform their own duties in this matter, helping the Rothschild family quietly and tightly blockade the entire New York and surrounding areas.

Moreover, these departments each have their own reasons and rhetoric. They all blockade the sea, land and air, and strictly inspect all people and means of transportation. This is enough to show that Rothschild The Ed family is unparalleled in the United States.

This made charlie hesitate.

He naturally wants to take the Sifang Baozhu out of the United States as soon as possible. However, no matter how capable he is, he cannot fly to the sky and escape. If he wants to leave the United States, he must either take a plane, a boat, or a car. Go to Canada or Mexico. 

However, the most difficult thing right now is that everyone who sets up the card wears a recorder that is constantly synchronized with the line. Delayedly uploading everything they see to the cloud server. It is easy to kill yourself, but your identity will definitely be exposed.

Based on Rothschild’s influence on the US government departments, it is not difficult to guess that once his identity is exposed, the US government will do its best to arrest him. By that time, he may be arrested. Interpol Worldwide Wanted in the United States.

From the moment Stephen Thompson came to charlie again, charlie has been trying his best to hide his identity. Even Claire is still in the dark, including Sara. This is a hidden enemy whose existence is not known yet. If you are not careful at this time, it is very likely that all your previous efforts will be in vain, and even push yourself and the people around you into the abyss.

Therefore, charlie also knew very well that he could not take chances or luck, he must find a 100% reliable method.

Moreover, simply leaving the blockade area is not enough. No one can guarantee whether Rothschild will secretly instruct these departments to expand the scope of the blockade. The best way is to find an opportunity and directly Leave the United States.

Thinking of this, charlie asked Steve, “Your Rothschild family should have many industries all over the world. It should be very common for you to go abroad. If at this time point If your family wants to go abroad, can you avoid inspection?”

“This…” Steve said, “What my father means now is to use the strength of the whole family to go all out to find him. Sifang Baozhuang, other things can be put aside temporarily, so in this case, he should not let us leave the United States. Not only that, many core members of the family group overseas have also begun to return to the United States. , after all, it is about the position of the heir of the family head, and no one wants to leave the United States at this time.”

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