The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6353

charlie smacked his lips, and it seemed that he wanted to take advantage of the Rothschild family to leave the United States. The possibility is also slim.

At this time, he suddenly thought of Canada, which was only more than 300 kilometers away from here in a straight line, so he asked ShiTiff said, “If I remember correctly, the straight-line distance between here and Montreal, Canada, should be less than 400 kilometers. Your helicopter will definitely be able to fly directly there. Think about it, under what circumstances , your father will let you leave the United States immediately and go to Canada?”

Steve frowned and thought for a long time, then shook his head and said, “I can’t think of it. Although we also have some business in Montreal, after all, The body is not big, and Canadian affairs are assigned to my third brother in the family. If anything happens, my father will definitely let him go, not me.”

At this time, Royce on the side suddenly said, “By the way, Dad, Queen Helena of Northern Europe is going to visit Canada next week. Didn’t Grandpa remind me before that I hope I can develop some development with her? What if I wait until next week? If Helena comes to Canada, I will take the opportunity to go over and meet Helena, and he might agree.”

Steve said hesitantly, “After all, we have to wait until next week, and The current situation is special, and it is still unknown whether he will let you go to Canada.”

charlie asked curiously, “The Rothschild family is so powerful, why would Howard want his eldest grandson to follow Has the Queen of Northern Europe developed?”

Steve explained, “Sir, you don’t know. Although the Rothschild family has a strong influence in the United States, our reputation in Europe has always been It’s not very good. Although the European royal families basically have deep cooperation with us, they have never been willing to marry us. In the past one or two hundred years, we have made many requests for marriage to different European royal families, but they all failed. They rejected it.”

At this point, Steve added, “But Helena’s situation is quite special. She was originally an abandoned child of the Nordic royal family. Unexpectedly, she turned around in a desperate situation some time ago and directly Boarding the plane to become the queen, and looking at the whole of Europe, there is only one unmarried queen, Helena. For the Rothschild family, if they can marry a member of the European royal family, then Helena will be the highest in terms of rank. ”

“In addition, our think tank analysis shows that Helena’s character should be different from that of traditional European royal families, and her values ​​​​should also be very different. It is difficult for other royal families to accept it because of their traditional thinking. Marriage with the Rothschild family, but Helena has abandoned many traditions, and the possibility of acceptance will be much greater.”

“Intelligence shows that after Helena ascended the throne, the Nordic royal members had The issue of future marriage has been discussed with her several times. The members of the Nordic royal family hope that Helena can follow the royal tradition and find a prince among the royal members of other European countries who is willing to marry into the Nordic royal family and change his nationality to Nordic. After the two get married, they will give each other a prince title, and their descendants can become the heirs to the Nordic throne.”

“However, Helena seems to be a bit deviant. She has made it clear to the royal family that , will not marry other members of the royal family, and has made it clear to the royal family that she prefers to pursue true love and marry the person she truly loves. If she cannot, then she is willing to pursue non-marriageism for the rest of her life. The think tank also makes judgments based on this intelligence, For the Rothschild family, the success rate of marriage with Helena would be greater. “

charlie nodded thoughtfully and said, “If Helena leaves for Canada tonight, will your father take the initiative to ask Royce to go there immediately? ”

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