The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6354

charlie’s words left Steve a little confused.

He said seriously, “Sir, Helena is the Queen of Northern Europe. Her visit to Canada is a relatively serious political event. For this kind of thing, all the itineraries are usually planned long in advance. She originally The date set for the visit to Canada is next Friday, which is still nine days away. How can it be said to be early…”

charlie said calmly, “You don’t have to worry about this, you just need to answer me. question.”

Steve thought for a while and said, “My father hopes that Royce will get in touch with Helena. It was his idea some time ago. He also expressed his position a few days ago that he hopes that Royce will get in touch with Helena. When the time comes, Is can represent the Rothschild family and go to Canada to meet Helena to establish contact first and then see if there is any chance of marriage. If Helena goes to Canada according to the previous decision, he should let Roy Si rushed over, but now it is a special situation, and I am not sure whether he will change his mind.”

charlie said, “I don’t think he will change his mind. On the one hand, Helena is going to Canada. In his opinion, it was definitely an isolated incident and could not have any connection with Sifang Baozhuang. Moreover, Helena’s change of schedule was sudden. He temporarily asked Royce to go to Canada. In his opinion, it was just one missing person. Sifang Baozhuang’s manpower will definitely not increase the risk of Sifang Baozhuan leaving the United States, why not?”

After saying that, charlie said again, “Besides, now you Rothschild The De family is currently under great pressure from public opinion. Internal and external scandals have been exposed one after another. There is no chance to turn the tide for a while. If we can divert the public’s attention in other ways, it will definitely be a beneficial and harmless choice.” The fact is that I want charlie to leave early, but there is no way for Helena to come early, and I don’t want charlie to stay here and wait. However, hopes are hopes and facts are facts. Therefore, no matter from any aspect, he hopes that charlie will leave the United States as soon as possible with Sifang Baozhuan. Moreover, he is now in the hands of charlie. If he does not leave for a day, his life and safety will continue to be threatened. Moreover, although he is sure, charlie must know about Sifang Baozhuang. The specific whereabouts, but I don’t have the ability to seize food from a tiger’s mouth. The Sifang Baozhuang is a time bomb. As long as it is in the United States and is not in your hands, you will be threatened by it at all times. For Steve, he I don’t want charlie and Sifang Baozhuang to stay in the United States.

Steve said helplessly, “That’s what I say, but we haven’t had any dialogue with the Nordic royal family yet, and we can’t influence the time when she comes to Canada. If she comes next week as planned, then you If I want to take the opportunity to go to Canada with Royce, I have to wait at least a few more days…”

Helena came, because in that case, during the nine days before Helena arrived in Canada, she and her son would have to remain hostages in charlie’s hands, which would always be risky.

So, he said to charlie with a look of embarrassment, “Sir, don’t look at the assets and strength of the Nordic royal family. Their assets are not even as good as those of a medium-sized technology company in Silicon Valley. But She has enough political capital. Although Helena is young, she is still the queen of a country. Let alone Canada, even if she comes to the United States, the country with the highest GDP in the world, she can still enjoy the treatment of the head of state, so even if we Rothschild It is impossible for the family to ask the Queen of Northern Europe to come at a moment’s notice, and waiting for nine days is too risky. Otherwise, we should think of other ways!”

charlie said lightly, “No need to do this. Don’t worry, I’ll ask Helena to come over as soon as possible.”

Steve subconsciously asked, “Are you kidding?”

charlie smiled, He said, “Steve, since we plan to cooperate, I won’t hide it from you anymore. Do you know who I am?”

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