The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6355

Steve shook his head repeatedly, “I don’t know… …Who are you?”


charlie said his name lightly, and then said, “You may not have heard of me. But you should have heard of my father’s name, his name is bruce Wade!”

“Ye…bruce Wade?!” Steve exclaimed, “The same man who made Ross twenty years ago bruce Wade, the Childe family is helpless?! Then you…your mother is Lydia (Ava) ( Charlie’s mom ) of the An family?!”

charlie nodded, “Yes, exactly.” 

Steve took a breath and blurted out, “No wonder! No wonder the Wade family’s short video platform is unwilling to remove and ban our scandalous videos. It turns out that you are bruce Wade’s son…” “Well…” Steve said in horror, “Mr. Wade is really extraordinary. A few combinations of punches have made our Rothschild family miserable. He is quite like your father in those days…” charlie said calmly, “We are all adults, charlie said calmly, “Yes, that’s what I meant.”

After saying that, he subconsciously asked, “You are bruce Wade’s son, and you are here for the Sifang Baozhuang. So… In that case, Bruce Weinstein took the initiative to break the news about Brooklyn Prison and Peter Zhou, as well as the video of Matt having an affair with his wife, are these all what you meant?”

Don’t be embarrassed about flattery like this. ”

After saying that, charlie took out his mobile phone from his shirt pocket, clicked a few times on the phone screen casually, and said lightly, “By the way, I forgot to tell you. , from the moment I came in to now, this phone has been recording, and everything we talked about was recorded by it. “

Steve’s expression was frightened and frightened for a moment, and he said in panic, “Mr. Wade, why are you doing this? Don’t you still believe me?” “

charlie smiled and said, “I know there are core members of the Rothschild family here, so I thought of recording a video to record it. ”

Steve suddenly felt a lot more depressed. He didn’t expect that the process of reaching cooperation with charlie would be recorded by charlie. In this case, he would have a handle on charlie. In his hands.

Once charlie took Sifang Baozhuang out of the United States, he relieved his own crisis and also seized his Achilles heel. If he exposed the video, the old man Father knows that he let Sifang Baozhuan go, or even helped charlie take Sifang Baozhuan out of the country, he will definitely destroy himself. 

This way If so, wouldn’t he have to be controlled by charlie all the time?

But what he didn’t know was that charlie actually didn’t record the video at all in the first place.

He just made it up He lied to scare Steve, and by the way, when he took out his phone just now, he quietly turned on the video.

So, he deliberately said to Steve, “But don’t worry, since everyone decided to cooperate, then I will definitely not betray you for no reason. As long as you help me take the Sifang Baozhu out of the United States, your position as heir will not be threatened, and I will definitely keep this secret for you;”

“Although the Wade family did have some issues with you back then, with our cooperation this time, we both have an opportunity to break the ice. In the future, when your old man is gone, you will successfully become Rothschild. The patriarch of the De family, we may still have many possibilities for in-depth cooperation. There is a saying that goes well, friends stay together for life.

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