The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6356

Although you are a little older, it will definitely not be a big problem if you live for another ten years. We will get along well in the future. , we can still be friends for ten years, right? ”

Steve didn’t know that charlie was recording the video. Hearing what he said, he felt a little better. He knew very well that since the handle was in charlie’s hands, would charlie Whether he will be exposed depends entirely on whether he is obedient.

Now, his life is in his hands;

In the future, his handle will also be in his hands. .

It seems that there is no way to escape.

However, Steve is no fool.

He quickly understood the stakes.

If he didn’t cooperate with charlie, charlie might let Hank kill him and his son now.

Anyway, Hank has become his dog inexplicably, and if Hank kills someone, he will not bear any responsibility, and no one may even know about it.

In contrast, when working with charlie, the situation is much clearer.

At least, your life can be saved, right?

Moreover, if I can really help charlie take away the Sifang Baozhu, then the status of the heir will be saved.

If you keep your position as heir and outlast the old guy in the future, then you will be the patriarch of the Rothschild family.

With so many benefits and a little bit of control in charlie’s hands, what does it mean?

What’s more, this handle is in charlie’s hands, and it is not always easy to use.

The best time to use it is before the old man is dead.

As the crown prince, he has to walk on thin ice in everything. Once the clues are exposed, not only will the crown prince’s position be lost, but he will also be completely thrown into the cold palace.

However, once the old man dies and he successfully succeeds to the throne, then this handle will only have a moral impact.

By that time, even if charlie is exposed, the most he will do is be embarrassed and scolded, but the position of the head of the family has been firmly established, and being scolded will not matter.

After thinking about this, he no longer hesitated, and immediately expressed his loyalty to charlie, “Mr. Wade, don’t worry, even if you risk my life, I will help you.” Bring the Sifang Baozhu back to China!”

charlie was heartbroken and deliberately asked him, “Steve, I want to know, what could make you do such a righteous act of exterminating relatives?”

“It’s justice!”

Steve, who has a strong desire to survive, said without hesitation and justice, “Of course it is the justice in my heart that cannot be exchanged for a lot of money! Mr. Wade, I am a person with conscience! The Sifang Baozhuang was originally a national treasure of China, and it has been nearly two hundred years since the Rothschilds took it back from China! As a member of the Rothschild family, I feel deeply ashamed and uneasy about this. ! If I can do a little bit to help Sifang Baozhu return to China, then I can be considered worthy of my own conscience!”

“Not bad, not bad!” charlie couldn’t help but admired. “Steve, I saw you right. You are indeed a breath of fresh air for the Rothschild family! If you can become the patriarch of the Rothschild family in the future, the Wade family will be your strategic partner!”

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