The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6357

Steve has his own Xiao Jiujiu in his heart.

If I can successfully inherit the position of head of the family in the future, I will never take a second-rate family like the Wade family seriously.

Although he is regarded as charlie’s prisoner now, once he gets through this difficulty and becomes the patriarch of the family, he will be something that even charlie can’t reach even if he sharpens his head.

By then, will the Wade family be nothing? 

However, he naturally only dared to hide his thoughts in his heart and did not dare to say them out casually.

So, he smiled and said to charlie, “With your words, Mr. Wade, our two families will definitely become each other’s most important partners in the future!”

charlie also knew that Steve was just acting for the occasion, and as for himself, he even acted like him. The phone is still recording. The more pious he behaves, the greater the deterrent effect this video will have on him in the future.

So, charlie couldn’t help but sigh, “I heard that your father Howard is over eighty years old this year, right?”

Steve nodded and said, “My father is eighty years old this year.” Fourteen years old.”

“Eighty-four?” charlie couldn’t help but sigh, “Eighty-four is a good age!”

Steve asked curiously “Why did Mr. Wade say that?”

charlie laughed casually and said, “Oh, haha, there is a saying in China that seventy-three and eighty-four are the two hurdles for the elderly. , which means that these two years will be relatively difficult, there will be more various disasters, and it will be easier to die. It is now the fourth quarter of this year. If you are lucky, your father may die this year.”

“Oh, really?” Steve’s first reaction was that he was obviously interested. He couldn’t hide his smile and asked curiously, “Mr. Wade, is there any scientific basis for this statement?” With a bang, champagne was opened, followed by three glasses clinking together As he said that, he hurried to the wine cabinet and took out a bottle under the hazy moonlight outside the window. Champagne and a few glasses. Royce on the side He quickly said, “Yes! There is champagne! It’s in the wine cabinet. I’ll get it!” charlie said with some regret, “Oh, it would be great to have a glass of champagne to celebrate at this time.” After saying that, the two of them laughed out loud in unison.

charlie waved his hand, “It’s just folk custom, there is no scientific basis, but for you, or for us, it is at least worth admiring for a while, don’t you think so?” charlie’s words just hit his heart, so he felt a little embarrassed and said faintly excitedly, “Then let’s borrow Mr. Wade’s good words!” In addition, due to the recent incident of the Sifang Baozhu, the old man has created a conspiracy about who will find it first and who will be the heir to the family. Steve naturally hopes that he will die soon. And the sooner the better.

Steve felt that he and charlie had said everything they should and shouldn’t say, and there was no need to hide it anymore. In a big family like his, the crown prince should There is no one who doesn’t hope that his father will die soon, and Steve is no exception.

The crisp sound of being together.

After a glass of wine, Steve was obviously much more relaxed and happy.

So, he began to take the initiative to care about Sifang Baozhuan’s affairs, and asked charlie, “Mr. Wade, you just said that Helena would come to Canada tonight. Is this possible?” ?”

charlie smiled and said, “Of course it’s possible, I’ll make arrangements.”

After that, charlie ended the video shooting and called Helena directly. Went to the phone.

There is a six-hour time difference between Northern Europe and New York.

We are in Northern Europe, which is further east, six hours earlier than New York. Although it is not yet dawn in New York, it is already morning in Northern Europe.

Helena was sorting out her itinerary for the next few days with the royal housekeeper when she suddenly received a call from charlie, and she was immediately shaken up.

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