The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6358

She couldn’t wait to push the housekeeper away, and then happily answered charlie’s call. Her voice was as exciting as a girl’s first love, and she said excitedly, “Hello, Mr. Wade!” ” charlie asked, “Is it possible to move the time forward? What?” “Yes.” Helena said, “It is a state visit arranged by the Nordic government. , in fact, there is nothing practical to talk about. The main thing is to show up and strengthen the interaction between the two countries at the level of people and public opinion.” charlie smiled and asked her, “By the way, I heard that you are going to visit Canada next week?” Helena said delicately, “I know Mr. Wade, I will only tell you this kind of thing.” charlie smiled and said, “You’d better not tell other people about this idea, otherwise People will say you are deviant.” “It’s more than just a forced marriage…” Helena complained, “Now they all want to kidnap a royal prince from another country and marry me. What they are most worried about is that the royal bloodline cannot be passed on, but I don’t care. If there is really no one to succeed to the throne, just let the Nordic parliaments directly cancel the constitutional monarchy after my death.” charlie asked curiously, “The Queen is also forced to marry by the royal family?” Helena sighed and said helplessly, “Mr. Wade, you don’t know something. Even though I am already the queen, there are many Things also have to follow royal traditions. They are like members of Congress, asking all kinds of trivial questions every day. They care about what I wear, what I eat, who I meet and what I say. The most annoying thing is that they also care about what I wear and what I eat. My marriage problem is constantly nagging in my ears every day, and it’s really annoying to death.” charlie asked curiously “You are already the queen, who of them dares to nag you nonsense?” ” It’s pretty good.” Helena said without hesitation, “Everything is fine, except that the royal family is a bit annoying when they nag them every day, but these are just small things.”

When charlie heard Helena’s somewhat excited voice, he couldn’t help but feel a ripple deep in his heart. He smiled and asked, “Helena, how are you doing recently?”

Advance? Helena asked curiously, “Why does Mr. Wade ask that?” Are you going to Canada soon? “

charlie didn’t hide it from her, and said directly, “I encountered a little trouble in the United States and need to return to China via Canada. If you can come to Canada as soon as possible, I will Can get away. “

When Helena heard this, she said without hesitation, “Sir, don’t worry, I will try my best to leave for Canada as soon as possible, the sooner the better.” “

As she said that, she looked at the time and said, “Mr. Wade, please wait a moment. I’ll go confirm with them.” ” 

Generally speaking, visits at the diplomatic level are strictly scheduled. After all, it involves the time schedules of both parties and Due to security preparations and other issues, it is not easy to change the time.

However, Helena’s current situation is quite special.

Although she is treated as a national monarch , but in fact, it is mainly about his identity as the number one mascot in Northern Europe.

In addition, he is not here to talk about anything important. He is mainly here to show his face, take a look around and give some advice to the people. Both parties have gained some goodwill, so it will not take up too much time and energy of Canada’s top management, and the deployment will not be so troublesome.

Moreover, Helena’s visit to Canada this time can be regarded as Canada’s first visit. The person who was invited in a hurry also respected her personal wishes even for the itinerary and route, so she had much greater initiative in this matter.

The reason why Helena has Such a big initiative is mainly because she has several great advantages.

The first advantage is that she is so good-looking. Looking at the entire European royal family, no one can match her, even if She is the most beautiful goddess in Hollywood in history, and she is not inferior to anyone else;

The second advantage is that she is young and positive, with a healthy and sunny temperament.

Looking at the circles of celebrities in Europe and the United States, who doesn’t have a dark history?

Those who have taken drugs, had affairs, been promiscuous, beaten others, and been in jail Even those who have been in the underworld, I dare not say that the entire European and American upper class is a nest of snakes and rats, but at least they are all five poisons.

But Helena is different.

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