The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6361

charlie Wade felt that the time had come to take the Sifang Baozhu.

No matter what Howard would do He will not let Royce go to Canada. He must first get the Sifang Baozhuang.

However, there are hundreds of people outside now staring at the Zhou family manor. How to get the Sifang Baozhuang quietly? You need to think carefully.

After thinking for a moment, charlie Wade looked at Hank beside him and said, “Hank, there will be movement in the Zhou family’s villa soon. Then you tell everyone that someone may enter through the secret passage.” The Zhou family, let everyone rush in immediately to arrest the person. Don’t let anyone run away with the Sifang Baozhu!

Hank asked with some confusion, “Mr. Wade, how did you know there would be movement in the Zhou family villa? ” “

charlie Wade said calmly, “I will definitely do it if I say I can!

Hank quickly said, “Okay Mr. Wade, I understand! ” “

charlie Wade instructed, “Once you give the order, I will go out first. Then you will keep an eye on the two Mr. Rothschilds here. Once they try to escape or leave your supervision, you will directly Kill them, do you understand?

Hank said without thinking, “I understand! ” “

charlie Wade nodded, then walked to the window, looking at the Zhou family manor with only an outline visible in the darkness, thinking silently, this

amount of spiritual energy separated from the body, heading towards the Zhou family villa like wind and residual clouds.

The next second, the Zhou family villa was so quiet that there was no sound at all. Suddenly there was a crackling sound, which seemed to be the sound of many glass and metal products falling to the ground.

This made the staff who had been monitoring the Zhou family suddenly tremble. An extremely excited voice soon came from Hank’s intercom, “Boss, there is something going on in the Zhou family villa!”

Hank said quickly, “Oops! It might be the Zhou family. We went back through a secret passage we didn’t know! Hurry! Catch them before they take away the Sifang Baozhu! Everyone, rush in immediately! Whoever can catch the person will be rewarded with 10 million US dollars! Whoever can find it Four directions treasure building, reward 100 million!” As

soon as these words came out, almost everyone went crazy and swarmed out from their hiding spots like mad dogs. Rushed into the Zhou family manor.

Although they work for the Rothschild family, they are not high-end talents after all. Their annual salary is generally only a few hundred thousand U.S. dollars. The annual salary of some low-end positions is only a dozen or two hundred thousand U.S. dollars.

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