The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6362

Now suddenly there is a person who earns thousands of dollars. Opportunities worth tens of thousands or even hundreds of millions of dollars are in front of us. Anyone who changes will be crazy.

What’s more, this is not because they left their posts without permission, but because Hank signaled them, so they all know in their hearts that at this time, they are competing to see who can run faster! Whoever can run at the front has the greatest chance.

If you don’t hold on tight, you won’t even have the chance to watch others count money!

Therefore, these people were all running desperately towards the interior of the Zhou family villa, for fear of being robbed of the opportunity.

When these people rushed into Zhou’s manor like crazy, charlie Wade turned to look at Hank and said coldly, “Start at the two of them. No one is allowed to look out the window.”

Hank immediately said, “Okay Mr. Wade! “

After that, the pistol was raised and pointed at Steve and his son.

charlie Wade took advantage of the night and jumped out of the window, followed the crowd and rushed towards the Zhou Manor.

However, charlie Wade is different from othersSample.

Because the previous movement came from inside the villa, they all rushed towards the main villa in the center of the Zhou family manor.

Only charlie Wade stopped immediately when he arrived at the gate of Zhou’s manor.

He divided the spiritual energy into two channels and spread it out. One channel of spiritual energy spread out to ensure that no one was paying attention to him. The other channel of spiritual energy directly merged into the two huge and mighty stone lions at the entrance of the manor.

Soon, charlie Wade discovered a hidden compartment inside one of the stone lions.

This hidden compartment is on the base of the stone lion. It can be said that the entire stone lion is like a cover, covering this hidden compartment tightly. Unless very professional detection equipment is used, it is impossible to discover it.

The wonderful thing about this matter is that the intuition and thinking of the Rothschild family and all the staff tell them that if this thing is in the Zhou family, it must be within the scope of the Zhou family manor, and the scope of the Zhou family manor, It’s within the gate and walls of the Zhou family.

But the gate of the Zhou family manor was blocked by their instincts.

They instinctively believe that the things hidden at home must be in the most hidden place in the home, never at the door.

Therefore, from the beginning to the end, the Rothschild family did not conduct any testing outside the gate.

The courtyard, especially the villa, has been detected countless times by them using various equipment.

What Zhou Liangyun is doing is to do the opposite. Otherwise, no matter where he hides the Sifang Baozhuang in his home, the Rothschild family will definitely find it. As for when to find it out, it is just a matter of time or soon. Slow problem.

So, without any hesitation, charlie Wade walked quickly to the stone lion, transferred his spiritual energy to his right arm, and finally raised the stone lion with one hand.

The secret compartment of the base was suddenly exposed in front of him, and inside was a very exquisite rosewood box.

charlie Wade knew that what was stored in this wooden box was the Sifang Baobang and the “Preface to the Nine Mysteries Sutra”!

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