The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6366

However, charlie Wade did not plan to leave the United States just like that.

> After all, Zhou Liangyun is still being treated in the hospital. After he is discharged from the hospital, it is still unknown how the US government and the Rothschild family will treat him. charlie Wade does not want to leave him alone to fend for himself. If possible, he should do his best. Get him out of jail and at least free.

at the same time.

Hank directed a group of people to rush into the Zhou Manor and turned the Zhou Manor upside down, but could not find any trace of the intrusion.

But what puzzled them was that there was a lot of commotion inside the Zhou family villa just now, and a lot of furniture and decorations were indeed broken. It seemed that someone had been here, otherwise how could a villa with closed doors and windows suddenly suddenly be disturbed? Something fell on the floor with a clang?

But here’s the weird thing. These things really look like someone violently threw everything to the ground, but not to mention the presence of people, not even a single footprint was found at the scene.

Some of Howard’s informants immediately reported this matter to Howard.

When Howard heard the news, he suddenly became nervous and trembled all over.

He immediately called Hank, and when Hank saw his call, he quickly looked at charlie Wade and asked, “Mr. Wade, it’s Howard’s call. Can I answer it?”

charlie Wade nodded, “Yes, he probably He wants to ask about the details of your actions just now, so you tell him that he did hear the noise inside, but no one was arrested. If he asks about the power outage, you exaggerate it and remind him in as subtle a way as possible. There may be a mole within the Rothschild family.”

Hank said without thinking, “Okay Mr. Wade, let me tell him!”

Then he answered the phone and said respectfully, “Hello, sir! I was about to call you. Report, just now we discovered that there was a sudden loud noise in the Zhou family manor. I was afraid that someone would enter through a secret passage that we did not control, so I immediately arranged for my men to rush in before I had time to ask you for instructions. Please forgive me… …”

Howard hummed and said, “You’re doing a good job on this. In a pinch, you act intuitively and don’t need to ask for my opinion.”

After saying that, Howard asked tentatively, “How is the situation at the scene? We’ve arrested someone. “?”

Hank said, “Not yet. Almost all our people have gone in, but no valuable clues have been found.”

Howard asked with a very worried voice, “There are signs that someone has entered, but no clues can be found. What happened?” In this case, there is a high probability that someone sneaked into the Zhou family through a secret passage that we don’t know about, and then quietly left the Zhou family…”

At this point, Howard asked again, “By the way, Hank, I heard that your place is today The power suddenly went out at night?”

“Yes.” Hank explained, “Both circuits were damaged tonight, and repairs are very difficult. It is estimated that there will be no calls before noon.”

Howard’s mood became even heavier and uneasy. “The power outage couldn’t have been an accident, right?”

“Definitely not.” Hank didn’t leave any chance to Howard, and said in a serious tone, “Sir, I feel that all our actions are under the surveillance of the other party. , the other party has long known that we are secretly monitoring here, and even knows that we have deployed a large number of monitoring equipment here, so they destroyed the power supply lines and paralyzed all our monitoring equipment.”

Howard’s heart sank and he asked, “Yes Did we not do a good job of keeping secrets secret? Or did someone within us leak the news?”

Hank said, “Both are possible.

 but the latter is more likely.

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