The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6367


asked him, “If someone leaked the news, who do you think it would be?” Hank said, “

I don’t dare to say anything about this right now. I need to investigate before I can make a judgment.” Howard

asked again, “Then do you think the people who sneaked into Zhou’s house tonight are here to get the Sifang Baozhu?” “

“definitely is. “Hank said categorically, “The only possibility for the other party to take such a big risk is to take the Sifang Baozhu. “

Howard’s heart suddenly sank to the bottom.

He murmured, “If this is true, it means that the other party must have taken away the Sifang Baozhuang…”

After that, , he yelled hoarsely to the butler beside him, “Notify everyone and all departments immediately, strictly block all entrances and exits in New York and surrounding areas, and at the same time begin to conduct platoons within the blockade, and find the Sifang Treasure Building at all costs!” “

At this moment, a person next to Howard suddenly said, “Sir, I just received news from Canada that Queen Helena of Northern Europe is going to visit Canada in advance.

Howard frowned, ” In advance?” What time? “

Today, it is said that the special plane will take off in about two or three hours. The first stop will be Ottawa, and then nearby Montreal.” Howard

asked in confusion, “Why did you suddenly change your itinerary?” “

The man said, “It is said that the Queen has some minor health problems and has made an appointment for treatment next week, so she can only move forward. Howard hummed, “

Okay, I understand.” Hank

on the other side of the phone seized the opportunity and asked quickly, “Sir, what should I do next?” Howard

gritted his teeth and said, “Even if you dig three feet into the ground, you still have to find the secret passage for them to enter and exit!” “

After that, he added, “By the way, tell Steve that Helena will leave for Canada immediately, and ask him to arrange for Royce to hurry up and prepare. I will also arrange for someone to rush over to help with the connection. Our reputation has recently been After a sudden fall, you must seize this opportunity to establish a good relationship with the Nordic royal family. It may be of great use in the future!

Hank said quickly, “Okay sir, I’ll tell the young master right now! ” Howard

said coldly, “Hank, this time they entered and exited the Zhou Manor under your nose as if they were in uninhabited territory!” I will definitely hold you accountable for this matter! Before I figure out how to punish you, you’d better be able to get away with it and find some useful clues for me. Otherwise, I won’t ask for mercy! Understand? !

Hank blurted out, “I understand, sir. Don’t worry, I will do my best! ” “

Howard immediately hung up the phone.

Hank said to charlie Wade respectfully, “Mr. Wade, Howard asked me to tell the young master that he is going to Canada! “

charlie Wade nodded, “I heard it all. “

With that said, charlie Wade looked at Steve and Royce and his son, and said, “You two, turn around and talk. “

The two people turned around quickly and looked at charlie Wade respectfully, waiting for his next words.

charlie Wade said at this time, “Royce, I will take a helicopter with you to Canada in a while. Can your pilot be trusted?

” Absolutely believable! ” Steve quickly said, “My pilot is my direct descendant!” “

“good. “charlie Wade nodded and said to him, “After we set off in a while, you will continue to stay here and wait for further instructions from your old man. “

SteveI agreed without hesitation.

In his heart, he only hoped that charlie Wade would quickly take Sifang Baozhu out of the United States. Once this thing left the United States, his threat would be gone.

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