The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6368

What he cares about is only the position of the heir. As for this square treasure building, he has nothing to miss. If it is lost, it is lost. As for whether the loss of this thing will affect the fortune of the Rothschild family for a hundred years, he He didn’t take it to heart at all. In his opinion, the Rothschild family had a lot of money. As long as he could succeed to the throne, it didn’t matter even a 50% discount.

charlie and Royce left New York by helicopter before dawn.

Because of Howard’s special approval, the helicopter was not subject to any inspection.

Even when entering Canada, no one asked about it.

Taking a helicopter across the border between the two countries in a grand manner. Although the bilateral relationship between the United States and Canada is not as open as the EU countries have completely opened the border, after all, there is a quasi-master-servant relationship that everyone understands, so bilateral entry and exit management is They were very lax, and the Rothschild family also had great influence in Canada, so when their helicopters crossed the border, Canada turned a blind eye.

When the helicopter successfully passed the US-Canada border, charlie Wade was relieved. He sent a message to Arman, asking him to hurry up and buy the earliest ticket to fly to Montreal.

Although these two cities are very close to each other, flights are very frequent. They start at around six o’clock every day and continue with a frequency of two or three times an hour until 9:30 at night.

When Arman saw charlie Wade’s message asking him to go to Montreal, he knew that he must have successfully left the United States, so he quickly booked the earliest ticket and waited to rush to the airport.

Immediately afterwards, charlie Wade contacted Abbas and asked him to urgently transfer several Wanlong Palace agents stationed here from Canada and ask them to wait for his dispatch in Montreal.

Subsequently, he contacted Nanako Ito, who was far away in China, and asked Nanako Ito to help charter a transoceanic business jet from Montreal in the name of the Ito family. The business jet would fly directly from Montreal to Jinling.

After making these arrangements, the helicopter he took also arrived in the southern suburbs of Ottawa, the capital of Canada.

For safety reasons, he did not let the helicopter take him to Montreal to land. After all, although this helicopter did not require border inspection or entry registration, it was always on the Canadian air traffic control radar screen from the moment it entered Canada. The height and speed of the helicopter are clearly visible on the radar. If it lands in the middle, a record will be left. Once the Rothschild family checks this line, they will definitely notice anomalies.

Therefore, when the helicopter was still dozens of kilometers away from Ottawa, charlie Wade jumped from the sky above the farm area south of Ottawa.

Royce Rothschild watched charlie Wade jump from a height of 100 meters, and everyone was stunned. But when charlie Wade, who became the size of a sesame seed, landed and started running wildly, he began to doubt his life.

After charlie Wade landed, he ran wildly, took out his cell phone, and called Lin Wan’er (Alani) in China.

It was late at night in China at this time.

However, Lin Wan’er (Alani) did not go back to her room to sleep. Instead, she drank tea in the yard and by the hot spring pool, watching the delicate branches and leaves of the mother of Pucha tea.

Drinking tea here and taking care of the mother of Pucha, all she could think about was charlie Wade.

At this moment, she suddenly received a call from charlie Wade, and her pretty face suddenly turned red. She immediately answered the call shyly, and asked him shyly but unable to hide her excitement, “Where did Mr. Wade make the call to the slave family?” ?”

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