The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6369

Hearing Lin Waner (Alani) (Alani)’s voice, charlie couldn’t help but smile knowingly and said, “I’m in Canada, and I’m going to Montreal.” “

Montreal?” Lin Waner (Alani) (Alani) said softly, “Last time I went to the slave family. Montreal seems to have been during the Second World War…”

After that, she asked curiously without waiting for charlie’s response, “Didn’t the young master go to the United States? How did he end up in Canada? Has the young master met that Zhou Liangyun? “

I saw it.” charlie said, “There are many stories in this. I couldn’t explain it clearly on the phone. I called Miss Alani because I hope Miss Alani can do me a favor.”

Lin Wan’er said angrily, “Why do the young master and the slave family need to be like this?” You’re welcome, if you need anything from the slave family, just tell the slave family.”

charlie was also polite and said, “I got an important item of the country, and I want Uncle Arman to take it back to Aurous Hill, and then Grandpa Sun will help deliver it to the official.”

“It’s an important item of the country . Weapon?” Lin Wan’er asked in surprise, “I wonder what important weapon of the country the young master is talking about?” charlie asked

her, “Have Miss Alani heard of the Sifang Baozhuang?”

He almost didn’t hold the phone and exclaimed, “Sifang Baozhuang?! What the young master is talking about, is it the legendary Sifang Baozhuang, a magical artifact that protects the country and was collectively blessed by eminent monks and Taoists in the Tang Dynasty?”

charlie asked curiously, “Miss Alani, listen “Have you ever said that?”

Lin Wan’er blurted out, “The slave family heard my father mention it earlier. He said that when his master was alive, he always talked about wanting to see the true appearance of the Sifang Baozhu, saying that it was an important weapon forged by masters of Taoism. Later, the Nu family also saw records in some historical materials, but many people also said that it was fabricated by people and did not really exist…” After saying that

, Lin Wan’er hurriedly asked, “How did the young master get the Sifang Baozhu? Can it be confirmed that it is real? Is it the Sifang Baozhuang?”

charlie smiled bitterly and said, “It’s a long story. I probably won’t be able to explain the origin to Miss Alani until I go back, but I can be sure. I’ll know for sure as soon as I get started with this thing. It’s not ordinary.”

“It’s true that Young Master is a person with great supernatural powers, so he can definitely tell the difference between authenticity and falsehood.” After Lin Wan’er said this, she stopped asking for specific details and said, “Young Master, the Sifang Baozhuan has always been in the legend. The supreme magical weapon, my father once said, it is really incredible that even the young master can obtain this supreme treasure when he goes to America this time.God bless you, and in the opinion of the slave family, the young master should keep the Four Directions Treasure Banner by his side. It will definitely be a great help to the young master’s cultivation in the future! “

charlie smiled and said, “This thing was built by so many eminent monks. It was originally meant to protect the country and the people of the world. How can I take it as my own? If I take it as my own, I will have nothing to do with the Rothschild family. What’s the difference. “

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