The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6370

What’s more, with my little moral skills, I’m not worthy of such a magic weapon. I’d better let Grandpa Sun help return it to the government. It should shine for the people of China.”

Lin Wan’er couldn’t help but ask, “Have you thought it through, sir? ” charlie hummed, “

That’s right, I’ve thought it all through.” “

With that said, charlie added, “The thing I want to ask Miss Alani is to take the trouble to say hello to Grandpa Sun and ask him to be prepared to return to Beijing temporarily. When Uncle Arman brings the Sifang Baozhuang back to Aurous Hill, He worked hard to bring the Sifang Baozhu back to Eastcliff as soon as possible. Lin

Waner hurriedly asked, “Master, for such an important donation, don’t you plan to go to Eastcliff in person?” “

charlie said, “I can’t go back for the time being. In addition, I don’t want people to know that I brought the Sifang Baozhuang home. On this point, I have to work hard for Grandpa Sun to communicate clearly with the officials and never let the outside world know about the Sifang Baozhuang. The specific process of returning to China. Lin Wan’er said, “

Don’t worry, young master, the slave family will explain clearly to Lao Sun.” “

charlie said again, “By the way, please Grandpa Sun, please help me convey the official request, saying that the only request of the donor is that the news of Sifang Baozhuang’s return to the country can be disclosed as soon as possible, and that it should be kept properly. Only Sifang Baozhuang will return to the country. Only when the news is released through official channels can the United States stop it completely. “

“OK! The slave family knows! “

Montreal Airport.

Before charlie could wait for Arman, he met many agents of Wanlongdian in Canada.

These people and the mercenaries from Wanlongdian headquarters.

is very different. They will not directly participate in the military operations employed by Wanlong Temple around the world, but will be stationed in fixed countries and regions with safe and legal identities. , become a member of the secret liaison station.

Their daily responsibilities, in addition to maintaining military training, are mainly to build safe houses and connection points in the local area. At the same time, they secretly stockpile necessary weapons and equipment, transportation, cash, gold, and even false identities in the local area so that Wanlong Palace can be established locally. Carry out other tasks.

Wanlong Temple has three secret liaison stations in Canada, namely in Vancouver in the west, Toronto in the east, and Edmonton in the center.

This time Abbas dispatched secret liaison station agents stationed in Toronto.

On the surface, these agents are all staff of a travel company. They are mainly responsible for receiving tourists from all over the world to Canada. Moreover, they do have serious business operations. The company has more than 100 employees and only a dozen senior executives. He is from Wanlong Palace, and the others are regular employees recruited from the society. 

… Their legal status and work background can fully withstand rigorous background checks.

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