The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6373

Howard shouted angrily, “Then bring someone to snatch him! Then find the best interrogation expert in the world. Interrogate him! If you can’t find out the whereabouts of the Sifang Baozhuang, kill him!”

Hank was slightly startled, and then said, “Okay sir, then I will arrange the manpower to make preparations and remove Zhou Peter from him at all costs. Get out of Manhattan Hospital!”

Howard hesitated for a moment and said quickly, “Forget it…”

After calming down, Howard knew very well that he had already committed a taboo by letting people go to the Zhou Manor to survey and search in broad daylight. If he really sent Hank and his men went to the hospital to rob people with arms, and their nature suddenly became extremely bad.

After all, if you want to snatch people directly from the police and FBI, it will inevitably lead to a firefight. In that case, it is basically equivalent to terrorism. This kind of thing must not be done, otherwise it will definitely be catastrophic.

After thinking for a moment, he could only say angrily, “You first find a way to ambush Manhattan Hospital. When you get to the hospital, find out the situation and report to me. The rest follow my orders.”

Hank immediately said, “Okay sir, I’ll make preparations right now.” !”

Hank hung up the phone and immediately said to Steve Rothschild, “Your father asked me to go to Manhattan Hospital. Do you want to stay here or do you have other plans?”

Steve knew that Hank was already gone. charlie achieved mental control in some way, so he followed his words and said, “Just be busy with your business. Don’t worry about me. I

I will go back to rest first. Hank

warned him, “Don’t forget what Mr. Wade told you. If you dare to betray Mr. Wade, I will be the first to kill you!” Steve

said dumbfounded, “I am on the same boat with him now, and he is also the captain. I am an innocent passenger who was kidnapped by him. If you give me a hundred courages, I would not dare to betray him…” “

Hank snorted coldly, “You know what’s going on! “

After that, he felt between the ribs on his right side with his right hand. After finding the sixth and seventh ribs on the right side, he smashed the two ribs hard in a circle, and then he heard the sound of rib fracture.

On the side Steve was dumbfounded and thought to himself, “This is such a f*cking cruel person…”

At this time, Hank took out his mobile phone with a nonchalant expression, found a number and called it. As soon as the call came through, he Then he said, “Hey, I have two broken ribs. Please arrange for me to be hospitalized in Manhattan Hospital.”

The other end of the phone immediately said, “No problem. When do you want to be admitted to the hospital? ” “

Hank said, “The faster, the better. “

The other end of the phone said, “Give me your address and I’ll arrange for a medical helicopter to pick you up. By the way, you haven’t left New York, have you? If you leave New York, the helicopter cannot get out. “Hank

said, “I will send you the location in a moment. Helicopters can come here. “

“good! “

At this moment, Jadiel, the direct descendant of the Wu family who was far away at the headquarters of the Po Qinghui in Antarctica, also noticed this news that made him a little confused.

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