The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6374

So, he quickly came to the door of Sara’s retreat room, hesitated again and again, and still clicked the button

After her last desperate escape from China, Sara had hardly gone out. In more than three

hundred years, she had never been as insecure as she was now. The sudden blow made her temporarily She was a little decadent.

She knew Jadiel was coming, but she didn’t want to see him. But thinking about it carefully, Jadiel acted steadily. If he didn’t have to report something important to her, he would definitely not touch her brow at this time.

So, she waved her hand in the air, The heavy stone door opened in response.

Jadiel walked in respectfully, looked at Sara sitting cross-legged on the ground behind the gauze curtain, and whispered, “Master Ying, I have something to report to you…”

Sara nodded and said in a cold tone, “Go ahead. “

Jadiel said, “In the past few days, the Rothschild family has been acting abnormally.I feel like there’s something fishy in it. sara snorted softly and said, “The Rothschilds… are just a plutocratic family that only knows how to make money. No matter how much money they have, they are just ants. Why do you pay attention to them?” “

Jadiel said hurriedly, “Master, the Rothschild family arrested an antique dealer some time ago. The abuse of lynching of the antique dealer was exposed. This matter has not subsided. Today, they even risked the disdain of the world and sent a large number of people directly. The men went to the antique dealer’s house to dig deep, and even brought a large amount of exploration equipment. This incident had a great and bad impact on the Internet. Wu

sara frowned sharply and asked, “You mean, the Rothschilds are looking for something important?” “

“right! “Jadiel said hurriedly, “The most important clue is that the antique dealer specializes in reselling Chinese antiques in Europe and the United States. Rumors say that the Rothschild family had a Chinese antique handed down to him for restoration, but he quietly did it. A fake was lost and discovered by the Rothschild family, so the Rothschild family arrested him, lynched him and tortured him severely. “

After a pause, Jadiel continued, “My subordinates feel that this antique must have an extraordinary origin! Otherwise, judging from the Rothschild family’s trillions of dollars in financial resources, there is no antique in the world that is worth such a big deal. Even if they package up all Leonardo da Vinci’s paintings, they will not take it seriously. “

Sara nodded and analyzed, “Looking at the world’s antique market, no matter whether it is Eastern or Western antiques, the transaction price of a single piece hardly exceeds one billion U.S. dollars. One billion U.S. dollars is definitely not worth the Rothschild family’s big fight over this matter. There must be something fishy! “

With that said, Sara immediately said, “Notify Chen Zhimin and ask him to find a way to find out the news. If this clue leads to any major harvest, I will credit you with the first credit! “

Jadiel knelt down on one knee with excitement, raised his hands and said, “Thank you Lord Ying! Sara said again, “

By the way, where has Uncle Sean been during these recent times?” Jadiel said hurriedly, “

Back to the Lord, before you asked Uncle Sean to stop investigating Blackwater Company and break the silence for three months. At that time, Uncle Sean was in North Carolina, the United States, which is also the headquarters of Blackwater Company. During this period, Time has been silent, but his position has never left there. “

Sara nodded, “Since he is also in the United States, let him find Chen Zhimin. Although Chen Zhimin is brave and resourceful, he is not strong enough after all. If the Rothschild family can’t find something, I guess he will be in trouble. If he has If Uncle Sean helps, the chance of winning will be much greater. 

Jadiel immediately said respectfully, “Okay, Lord Ying, my subordinates know this, so go down and inform them now!” “

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