The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6378

Sara wants to get a lot of things in her life.

Before today, the things she wanted most were the ring on Lin Waner (Alani)’s hand, and the secret of immortality left by her master Meng Changsheng (Willie).

But today, the thing she wanted most became this square treasure tower.

You must know that whether it is the ring or the secret of immortality, they are all Meng Changsheng (Willie)’s things.

And the Sifang Baozhuang is a treasure that even Meng Changsheng (Willie) can only dream of.

Therefore, the value of the Sifang Baozhu is countless times greater than the first two.

The secret of immortality is worthy of Sara going to China and returning to Shiwan Mountain. What’s more, she must go to this four-sided treasure building in person to ensure that it is absolutely perfect.

So Sara embarked on the journey to Buenos Aires as quickly as possible.

On the plane, Sara was always in a very excited mood. After living for four hundred years, she had a rare restless impatience. She was

anxious, because she was anxious about why the plane couldn’t go faster.

However, the only way to fly from the island where the Brochure Club is to Buenos Aires is by seaplane. The upper limit of the speed of seaplanes is very low, and the maximum speed is only 500 to 600 kilometers per hour.

At this moment, Sara looked at the sea below the window, thinking to herself, “The ring that the master left for his senior brother must have the function of teleportation, otherwise it would be impossible to send his senior brother thousands of miles away in the blink of an eye, but Lin Waner (Alani) Without cultivation, I cannot activate the true effect of that ring. If I can get that ring, no matter how big the world is, no matter how far the world is, wouldn’t it be within my reach?”

When she thought of this, she couldn’t help but feel angry.

Lin Wan’er, who was just a weakling, had been searching for more than three hundred years, and she still didn’t know how long it would take to find the secret of immortality.

Because of this, she unexpectedly began to pray silently, praying that she would never miss the Sifang Baozhuang again, let alone that the Sifang Baozhuang would not take her a long time to chase like Lin Wan’er and the secret of immortality.

She had dared beforeShe said she had plenty of time, but now she knew very well that she only had a hundred years left.

While Sara was flying over the waters near Antarctica, Zhong Yongbo from the Po Qing Society had also taken a plane from North Carolina to New York.

At the same time, Hank had been taken to Manhattan Hospital by helicopter with broken ribs.

Manhattan Hospital, located in the heart of Manhattan, looks like a large office building.

This comprehensive medical building has 21 floors and can provide a full range of medical services including outpatient clinics, emergency departments, surgery, imaging, pathology and inpatient services.

This 21-story building has imaging and radiology departments in the basement. Outpatient, emergency, surgery and administrative office floors are on the 1st to 10th floors. Starting from the 10th floor, there are inpatient wards.

Since this hospital is located in Manhattan, where land is at a premium, the hospital itself is positioned as a relatively high-end hospital. Most of the inpatient wards here are single rooms, and there are even single suites. Being hospitalized here is like staying in a five-star hotel. No difference.

Zhou Liangyun, who was receiving treatment here, has been placed in the comprehensive ward on the 17th floor. The FBI specially asked the hospital to arrange a leading ward, 1701, and also requisitioned the three wards 1702, 1703, and 1704 opposite 1701.

Because Zhou Liangyun was greatly affected by the Rothschild family’s abuse of lynching, the FBI attached great importance to his safety, fearing that anything would go wrong again, so it sent a large number of personnel to protect him.

Hank was also placed on this floor. Originally, he wanted to choose a ward as close as possible to 1701, but the FBI had already informed the hospital. Although they had requisitioned four rooms from 1701 to 1704, the patients starting from 1705 were also They were all moved to other wards in the opposite direction to 1701. According to the requirements of the FBI,

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