The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6380

Withdrawing the lawsuit is Howard’s only option at the moment.

He was the one who sued Zhou Liangyun in the first place. With his social status, as long as he told the police and the court that everything before was just a misunderstanding, that Zhou Liangyun did not steal his own things, or that the things Zhou Liangyun stole were just fakes. It’s not worth a hundred dollars. In that case, Zhou Liangyun will definitely be acquitted.

Once acquitted, he will be free and the FBI will no longer need to strictly monitor and protect him.

However, doing this is another slap in the face for the Rothschild family.

Because this is tantamount to telling the whole society that you have framed Zhou Liangyun or misunderstood Zhou Liangyun on the basis that all previous scandals have been exposed and fermented.

This is f*cking evil upon evil.

However, Howard had no choice.

His intuition told him that he must find the Sifang Baozhu as soon as possible. Once the Sifang Baozhu became irretrievable, Rothschild’s two hundred years of excellent fortune would probably come to an abrupt end.

At this time, after hearing what he said, the person in charge of the FBI said calmly, “If you really withdraw the case and the court declares Peter Zhou innocent, then we will stop protecting him.” After that

, the other person reminded him, “But Mr. Rothschild, I want to remind you that you should not think that after Peter Zhou regains his freedom, you can do whatever you want to him. Once he has any misconduct, the FBI will definitely investigate to the end. The current public opinion of the Rothschild family You are already very passive. I advise you not to act impulsively.” Howard

said coldly, “It’s not your turn to tell me how I act!”

After that, he hung up rudely. The phone was disconnected and another call came to the court in New York.

Soon, Sean  landed at New York’s JFK Airport after a two-hour flight.

As soon as he stepped out of the airport exit, Chen Zhimin, who had been waiting for a long time, greeted him enthusiastically and whispered respectfully, “My subordinate, Chen Zhimin, have met Uncle Sean !”

Uncle Sean  didn’t look too old, only in his forties. With a tall and straight figure, he looks very much like a middle-aged star in the film and television industry. He has the temperament of a mature and successful person.

When he saw Chen Zhimin, he said with some emotion, “The last time I saw you, you were less than ten years old, but now you look almost the same visual age as me.”

Chen Zhimin said with some surprise, “I didn’t expect Uncle Sean  to still remember his subordinates.” !”

“Of course I remember.” Uncle Sean  said lightly, “Your father and I have some friendship.”

As he said, he changed the topic and asked, “Have you investigated the situation of Peter Zhou clearly? The British Lord asked you to What exactly am I looking for?”

Chen Zhimin whispered, “My subordinates have found out some information. After getting in the car,Then slowly explain it to Uncle Sean  in detail. “

“good. “

The two of them left the airport and came to Chen Zhimin’s limited edition Rolls-Royce Phantom. Chen Zhimin acted as the driver and opened the rear door for Zhong Yongbo. After Zhong Yongbo got in the car, he closed the door and returned to the driver’s seat. Indoors.

Returning to the cab, Chen Zhimin handed several printed image data to Uncle Sean  and introduced, “Uncle Sean , this is what the British Lord asked you and me to work together to find. Take a look. “

Uncle Sean  took the information, looked at it briefly, and said doubtfully, “This is just an ordinary gold pagoda. What’s so great about it that it deserves the British Lord’s personal order? Have you found any other information or materials? “

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