The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6381

Chen Zhimin said quickly, “Back to Uncle Sean , my subordinates asked around but couldn’t figure out what’s so special about this antique. The Rothschild family didn’t reveal any information. They only knew that their patriarch was interested in this antique. Antiques are taken very seriously, and a series of scandals that have been exposed recently are mostly caused by them. Uncle Sean  smacked his lips and said to himself, “It’s strange, it ‘s

really strange. Such an inconspicuous thing can actually attract the attention of the British Lord. There must be some unknown merit.”

After that, he asked, “The British Master asked us to find relevant clues about this thing, so where should we start? ” “

Chen Zhimin said, ” Sean , the general context of this matter is that the antique dealer stole this antique from the Rothschild family. The Rothschild family has always wanted to get it back, but he is dead or alive. Not to mention, even the Rothschild family couldn’t get anything out of him, so he was a tough guy to think about. “

Bo Sean  said calmly, “I have seen a lot of people with strong bones, but if they are resorted to tricks, I have never seen one who can persevere.

After saying that, he asked Chen Zhimin, “Where is that antique dealer now? ” Take me to meet him! “

Chen Zhimin said hurriedly, “That man is currently in Manhattan Hospital and is being guarded by the FBI. Now this matter is making a big fuss in New York. It’s really not easy for you to see him directly, unless you force him to do it, but it’s hard to force him in a place like this. , the FBI will definitely not sit still and wait for death. If things go wrong, the British master will probably blame you and me.

Sean  asked him, “Do you have any good ideas? ” “

Chen Zhimin said, “What I can think of is to send a person to the hospital first, and live as close to him as possible, and then you and your subordinates can pretend to be visitors to visit your friends. During the process, find out what’s going on inside and find the appropriate breakthrough point. “

Zhong Yongbo nodded, “This is a way. It is probably impossible to solve the problem at once. Let’s find out the situation first, and then see if there is a suitable opportunity to do it. The best way is to take advantage of the FBI If he doesn’t react, take the person out of the hospital first, and then find a safe place to slowly let him talk.”

Chen Zhimin hurriedly said, “A safe place is easy to deal with. Anjia has many residences and businesses in New York, and confidentiality is very high. You can first find a suitable person to imprison him in, and after you find out the whereabouts of this antique and get it, let him disappear quietly.” “

Okay.” Zhong Yongbo said without thinking, “Just do it for you. As you said, go get it done quickly!”

Chen Zhimin smiled flatteringly and said, “To be honest, Uncle Sean , when you were on the plane, your subordinates had already arranged for people to be admitted to the hospital. Now, you should be admitted immediately.”

After saying that, he quickly explained, “Please don’t blame me, Uncle Sean , for making your own decision. I also felt that time was really tight, and you were on the plane at the time. I couldn’t discuss it with you, so I made the arrangements first.” If you think this chess piece is useful, Uncle Sean , then your subordinate has done something meaningful. If you think this chess piece is useless, Uncle Sean , then simply leave him alone and he will be hospitalized for some time. After time and recovery, I will be discharged naturally and will not arouse any suspicion.”

Uncle Sean  smiled slightly and said, “Mr. Wu said on the phone that you are brave and resourceful, and asked me to listen to your suggestions when cooperating with you. Don’t overdo it. It seems that he was right. You are really smart. If you wait for me to come and make this suggestion, the two or three hours will be wasted.”Chen

Zhimin breathed a sigh of relief and said quickly and respectfully, “Thank you, Uncle Sean , for your compliment. I will do my best to help you win!”

Chen Zhimin is a good person.

Although he has no cultivation level, his brain works faster than ordinary people, and his eyesight is also poisonous than ordinary people’s.

He knew his situation in Po Qing Hui. Even though he was already the son-in-law of the An family and his social status in New York was considered to be at the top, his wealth and life were actually tied to Po Qing Hui’s hands.

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