Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1397 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Chapter 1397

After a long time, Mrs. Brown approached Serenity.

She looked at Sonny, who was being carried by Serenity, and reached out to touch him but retracted her hand halfway. She said to Serenity with guilt, “Serenity. I’m sorry. It’s our family’s misfortune to have taken in a wicked woman and harmed your sister.”

Serenity looked coldly at Mrs. Brown.

When the police took Jessica away, Serenity did not know what exactly happened but she had her guesses.

“My sister divorced Hank and started her new life. Sonny has also been well taken care of by her. Please stay away from her in the future. She has never thought of remarrying Hank.

“Jessica is detestable, but so are you guys!”

Mrs. Brown lowered her head in shame.

Yes, they were equally detestable.

Mrs. Brown saw Liberty and Serenity reunite with their rich aunt and learned that Serenity became the Yorks‘ missus. She desperately wanted to break up Hank and Jessica, hoping that he could remarry Liberty. As a result, Jessica developed hatred and wanted to take it out on Sonny.

“I don’t want to see you. Please leave now.”

When the police only took Jessica away, Serenity knew the Browns had nothing to do with this matter. Sonny was their grandson, after all. It was true that Mrs. Brown favored her daughter’s son more, but she also cared about the only grandson bearing her family name; she would never collude with the bad guys to take Sonny away.

Despite the Browns having nothing to do with this, Serenity did not want to see them.

“Serenity, I know whatever we say now is useless, but we truly care about your sister. When she wakes up, I dare not ask to come to see her, but I hope you can send us a message to let us know that she’s safe and well.”

Serenity tensed up and did not say anything.

After apologizing again, Mrs. Brown turned around and walked over to her husband to leave with him. Hank did not want to go but was dragged away by his parents, so he left with them.

Once the Browns left, Serenity asked Zachary, “Did Jessica do this?”

“She was just a pawn. The police have probably gone to the mastermind’s house to take her away for investigation. Josh has submitted all the evidence and information on all those people to the police.”

In the beginning, Josh only let Zachary take a quick look at the evidence and did not let him take them away. He was ready to hand them over to the police, but it was also for the sake of their safety

In Josh’s words, those people were good at counter–investigation. Zachary’s status in Wiltspoon was fearsome, but those people were not afraid of him.

If Zachary possessed the evidence that could crush them, nobody knew if he would be able to live to see tomorrow.

On the other hand, the Buchams were different.

The Buchams had a low profile, but their network was shocking. Nobody dared to thoughtlessly lay their hands on the Buchams because countless big families might retaliate against them. Besides, the Buchams were known for finding information and had a powerful intelligence network. Nobody would know if those pieces of evidence were in Josh’s possession.

“Seren, I’ll tell you more about it later. You should go home to rest first.”

Many people were coming and going, so it was not the right time to talk about the details.

“I’m not going home; I’m going to wait here for my sister to wake up.”

Even though Liberty did not need family care, Serenity did not want to leave.

“Seren, Liberty is in the ICU now and doesn’t need our care, so let’s go home first. You need to rest well to be able to take good care of Sonny. You have to take care of your sister too once she wakes up.”

Zachary wanted to persuade his wife to go home to rest.

“I don’t want to go home; I want to stay here to watch over my sister. For all we know, she’ll wake up at night. Once she does, she’ll want to see Sonny first.”

Serenity was determined not to go home.

“Seren, Zachary is right. Your sister doesn’t need our care now. You and Zachary should go home and rest first. I’ll stay here to keep watch.”


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