Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1402 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Chapter 1402

Duncan looked worried.

He retracted his gaze after a long time and reached out to carry Sonny out of Serenity’s arms, but Sonny did not want to be carried by him.

Sonny turned his head and lay on Serenity’s shoulder.

Duncan looked gloomy. He felt that even Sonny was blaming him for not protecting Liberty well.

“Sonny is frightened and only clings to his Aunt Ser now,” Zachary explained.

Duncan pursed his lips and responded, “It’s okay, I don’t blame him. Zachary, I’ll watch over Liberty here. You should take Serenity and Sonny back to rest for a while.”

Zachary said after some thought, “Okay.”

He persuaded Serenity and Sonny to go rest in the RV with him. He would come back to keep watch over his sister–in–law for the second half of the night.

Zachary was at ease now that Duncan was here.

Besides, his bodyguards were present as well.

“Serenity, you can hold on, but Sonny is a child and won’t be able to do the same, so you should think for him. He’s the child your sister was desperately trying to protect. You have to take good care of him so that she feels assured and wakes up.”

Duncan persuaded Serenity to get some rest.

Serenity looked at her nephew again.

Sonny was clinging to her very much at the moment.

At last, Serenity compromised for the sake of Sonny. She went to rest in the RV first and set an alarm so that she could come and watch over her sister for the second half of the night.

Meanwhile, at the Browns‘ house.

“How could it be Jessica? How could it be?”

Hank, who was dragged home by his parents, had been mumbling and saying the same thing for hours.

He was in disbelief, and he refused to believe it.

How could Jessica lay hands on Sonny?

Jessica witnessed the whole process of his divorce from Liberty. It was also she who advised him to give up Sonny’s custody at that time, and he listened to her.

Although Hank’s mom and sister kept asking him to divorce Jessica and remarry Liberty, he did not do that.

Did he not make a firm decision to hold a wedding with Jessica?

They also agreed to go on a honeymoon after their wedding. They had decided on a location and had even booked the hotel.

Jessica should not do anything to Sonny at this time.

Besides, how could Jessica create such a huge scene?

All of a sudden, Hank was ruthlessly slapped on the arm.

Mrs. Brown was half–exasperated by her son’s reaction.

“The truth is right in front of you, and yet you’re still speaking for that spiteful woman! Can’t you think with your brain? If you want Sonny to be the flower boy, why didn’t you just buy him a new suit? Why did she insist on going to Liberty’s diner to take Sonny with you? Something must be wrong.

“You fool–idiot! You can’t even think with your brain. That wicked woman hates it the most when we go to see Sonny, and she doesn’t like us having too much interaction with him and Liberty. Why would she support and even encourage you to get close to Sonny recently?

“We were all tricked by her. I thought she let us visit Sonny because she doesn’t have a child of her own yet and thought she wouldn’t have one. Who knew, it was because she had such a vicious plan. No wonder she let you take Sonny to the zoo, and no wonder her face was as dark as charcoal when I asked your sister to go along. It was her–it was her!

“She must’ve also been the one responsible for the abduction of the kids at the zoo last time. She even wanted to take Lucas away. It’s clear that she wanted to get back at your sister and resents your sister for always targeting her. She’s an evil woman!”

Mrs. Brown cursed about Jessica fiercely.

“Hank, divorce her! Divorce her right now! Even if you can’t marry another woman after the divorce, I want you to divorce her. We can’t have such a malicious woman in our family!”

Hank said, “Mom, this matter hasn’t been concluded yet. The police only took Jessica back for an investigation. How could she be capable of doing something like this? I was also running after Sonny at that time, and I saw many people come to stop me and Liberty. Even if those people were paid to do so, it must’ve cost a lot. Jessica doesn’t have that much money.”

Mrs. Brown slapped him again.

“How did she react just now? Did you not see her? Are you saying that the police wronged her? Would the police have taken her away without evidence? Why didn’t they take me away?” Hank was instantly speechless.


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