Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 608 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 608

After witnessing her sister and Hank getting to know each other, falling in love,

and then ending up in such an ugly divorce, Serenity felt that it was better to rely

on herself than on others.

Even if he was someone she shared a bed with, she could not be completely

dependent on him.

That was because the person who shared her bed might become a person who

shared someone else’s bed at any time.

“Are you calling me narrow-minded?”

Zachary’s voice was low and chilly, like the weather in this cold winter month.

He wanted to know everything about her because he cared about her.

However, she did not take the initiative to tell him, saying that he was narrowminded and that he got angry over trivial matters.

Was this trivial? Even someone like Duncan knew about it, but Zachary only

found out because Duncan told him.

If Duncan did not tell him and he did not ask, she might have never told him.

He cared about her, but she was not touched. Instead, she felt that it was

useless to tell him because he was not home.

“I do think that you’re short-tempered. You’re always so selfcentered. You get

angry as soon as people don’t do as you want.”

He had a lot of good points, but he also had flaws.

No one was perfect, and Serenity did not ask him to be perfect either. She had a

lot of flaws herself too since they were both normal human beings.

She told him about his shortcomings so he could change. If he did not change,

then they could only go through rounds of friction. In the end, she either had to

learn how to tolerate them or ignore them.

Zachary hung up the phone.

Serenity was stunned. “He hung up on me. Can he get even angrier?”

She threw the phone on the table, feeling a little mad herself, and muttered,

“I’ve made it clear to him. Why is he still angry? Fine, he can be angry if he

wants to. I don’t care.”

Did he want her to tell him about every single thing?

Serenity grumbled, “I told him at the beginning that I’ll handle the stuff that I can

handle by myself instead of bothering him. What about him? Does he tell me

everything as well? Can he guarantee that there’s nothing that he’s hiding from


“His double standards are ridiculous!”

He was so domineering.

His overbearing trait sometimes made her feel as sweet as honey, but other

times, it gave her a feeling of being so tightly restrained by him that it was

difficult for her to even catch her breath.

There was just a sense of suffocation.

Her sleepiness completely vanished because of the call from Zachary.

She picked up the phone again and sent a message to him.

However, he did not reply to her.

“Again! There he goes again! ”

Serenity threw the phone back to the foot of the bed.

What a petty man.

Every time their communication fell through, he would act like this. He stopped

replying to messages she sent.

‘If he doesn’t want to reply, then fine!

‘1 don’t care!’

Serenity picked up the phone and placed it on the nightstand. She lay down and

got ready to be taken away by the sandman.

However, she was still vexed. She tossed and turned with slumberland far from


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