Married at First Sight Chapter 1797 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 1797 by desirenovel-Analia: “Ask someone to have dinner.”

Kingston: “Who are you inviting to dinner? I will go with you, and we will go back together tomorrow night.”

Analia: “Brother, you don’t know her well, so she will feel very unnatural if you go with her.”

Kingston said: “We should talk to each other and get to know each other. In short, if you don’t go back with me tonight, I’ll be watching your every move in Wiltspoon, no matter who you’re going to meet.”

Analia: “It’s so late, it’s hard to buy a plane ticket.”

Kingston said: “I rented a private jet with my friend, and the private jet is already on its way. We will arrive in Wiltspoon soon, and we will take a private plane back.”

“Have you arranged everything? Did you tell my dad?” Analia was very angry about Kingston’s arrangement, but there was nothing she could do. In this matter, her father would rather believe Kingston than her.

Kingston said: “I’m just completing the task that my second uncle gave me.”

Analia was so angry that she could only leave Wiltspoon with Kingston.

Serenity anticipated that her rival in love would approach her the following day to discuss moving her husband, but the rival in love left Wiltspoon overnight, and her small life went on as usual.

Jensburg Hotel.

Hayden walked out of the Jensburg Hotel with bodyguards around him. At the front door of the hotel, he saw a bunch of red flowers.

A beautiful girl in a long white dress stood in front of the big bunch of flowers. She had pretty features and long, soft hair. She stood in front of a big bouquet of flowers and held it in her hands.

The bunch of flowers was a big red heart made up of many red roses. It was beautiful whether you looked at it up close or from far away.

There were many onlookers.

Hayden noticed that there were still a few entertainment journalists present, and they were holding up their cameras to snap photos of her and the girl.

The onlookers all looked at him.

“Master Queen.”

The girl called Hayden and came with a bouquet in her arms. The pair of sky-high hats under her feet made Hayden frown, worried that she would fall when she walked.

Hayden didn’t understand that this girl was already tall, why did she still dress so tall?

Thinking of the women around her wearing high heels every day, Hayden didn’t want to regain the woman status. Being a man made her feel chic and at ease.

That is, she often have to face the confession of these nympho women.

Hayden just glanced at the other party, and walked towards her car with the bodyguards.

“Mr. Queen.” Seeing that Hayden was about to leave, the woman hurried over.


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