Married at First Sight Chapter 1799 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 1799 by desirenovel-Hayden, who had left the hotel, took out his phone and called his younger brother.

After her younger brother answered the phone, she said coldly: “Hugh, tell Ms. Lia that if she pesters me again, I will block her!”

Hugh was startled, and said, “Brother, Ms. Lia just likes you, confessed to you a little more times, and didn’t make a big mistake, so you don’t have to block her, right? It’s not easy for a little girl to become popular, and she has suffered a lot.

Her dream is over, She is only twenty-three years old, she is very young, and her star path is still long.”

Hugh was asked by her sister to call him big brother, but she got used to it, regardless of her predecessors, her elder brother was older and her younger brother was short. Mrs. Queen was extremely helpless. She used to correct her son’s address, but she didn’t bother to correct it anymore.

Outsiders, no one seemed to know that Mrs. Queen gave birth to twins 28 years ago.

Everyone thought Mrs. Queen had twins.

Even many individuals who were close acquaintances with the Queen family were unaware that Hayden was a woman because she had been disguising herself as a woman since she was a child.

Hayden: “I don’t care. If she comes to pester me again, I will block her. You’d better persuade her! I’ll give her one last chance. Anyway, if you chase more stars, it doesn’t matter if you chase one less.”

Her younger brother would become a fan whenever a star rose to fame overnight, whether they were male or female. But the heat couldn’t last long.

Lia was the one who kept her popularity for the longest time. Hugh even asked her sister to visit the crew instead of him to support Lia.

“All right, big brother, I’ll call Lia’s agent immediately and tell her to persuade Lia not to appear in front of you again.”

Hayden hung up after getting the answer, then she told the driver: “Go back to the old house.”

She hadn’t been back to Queen’s old mansion for a long time, and her mother often talked about her, and she was so busy with work that she didn’t know to go home to see her parents.

After more than an hour.

Hayden’s car drove into Queen’s old mansion, and then slowly stopped in the open-air parking lot.

After a few minutes.

Hayden got off the car.

When she got out of the car, she found a strange car parked in her parking lot.

It was a Maybach, and she also had two such cars in her garage. She said that this car was wrong to her. It should be said that it was the license plate number of this car, which she did not recognize.

In Jensburg, Hayden knew the people who drove the Maybach, Hayden also remembered the license plate numbers of those people, but she didn’t know the license plate number of this Maybach.

The butler came out of the house and saw Hayden standing in front of the Maybach watching, the butler trotted over.

“Mr. Queen, you are back.”

The butler: “Whose car is this?”

“It belongs to a distinguished guest. That distinguished guest is the third young master of the York family in Wiltspoon.”

The third young master of the York family?

Suddenly, Kevin’s handsome face appeared in Hayden’s mind.

Her family went to Wiltspoon to attend the wedding of Josh and Jasmine, and she and Kevin sat at the same table for dinner.

In Jensburg, she also had contact with Kevin several times, especially when Mrs. Rork was hospitalized in Jensburg, she often visited the hospital.

She also praised Kevin for being so filial in her heart.

She heard that the juniors of the York family were very filial to their Grandma.

She believed it was true.

The impression Kevin left on Hayden was that apart from being handsome, there was another thing that impressed her the most, that is, being able to speak well, and being able to chat with anyone, it was easy for the other party to let go of their defenses and be tricked by him.


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