Married at First Sight Chapter 2353 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2353 by desirenovel-Serenity laughed and said: “I think Avah didn’t slap her brother on purpose.”

Jane also laughed, “This kid just loves to cry, he’s on par with Fabian, the two buddies are now a pair of crying cats in our family.”

Fabian loved to cry, and Serenity knew it too.

Fabian’s crying scared Lilian the most, and when Fabian cried, she wanted to hide.

She hid in Wiltspoon, and after healed Camryn’s eyes, she didn’t go back to FC Manor immediately.

She said that she would go back after attending Serenity and Zachary’s wedding, anyway, Fabian was accompanied by an old genius doctor.

The old genius doctor had more experience in raising children than Lilian. After all, he brought up Lilian. After Lilian accepted Titus as an apprentice, she also handed it over to the old genius doctor to take care of and teach him.

She acted as a hands-off master herself, and occasionally took a test on Titus.

Titus was about the same age as Sonny, but his memory and comprehension were much stronger than Sonny’s, otherwise he would not have been picked by Lilian and accepted as her apprentice.

Lilian had seen Sonny, she told Serenity that Sonny was suitable for the business world, and with his uncle Zachary around, Sonny’s future would be limitless.

Serenity: “Children are always like this when they are young. They love to cry. It was the same when Sonny was still a baby. He cried eight hundred times a day.”

“Auntie, can I hug Avah?” Elisa tentatively asked her future mother-in-law.

Alannah readily handed her precious granddaughter to Elisa, and let Elisa hold her. She smiled and said, “Avah is very easy to carry.”

Elisa hugged the little doll, a little afraid to move, she rarely hugged such a small child.

Soon, she returned Avah to Alannah, and said with a smile: “You should hug her, Auntie. I’ve never hugged such a small child before. I’m afraid to walk with her in my arms. I’m afraid she’ll slip from my hand.”

Alannah smiled and said, “It’s okay, you can hug her a few more times, and you’ll be fine once you get used to it.”

Serenity invited the Johnson family’s mother-in-law and daughter-in-law into the house.

The little crying cat Enzo finally stopped crying after entering the house.

“Miss Liberty isn’t home?” Jane asked.

Serenity: “My sister is out. Her restaurant is very busy. There is something urgent that needs her to deal with. Sonny went to kindergarten. The little guy was still complaining before going out, saying that even his uncle doesn’t have to go back to the company to work, so why does he have to go to kindergarten as a child.”

Jane couldn’t help it, and said with a smile: “His uncle is on marriage leave, so what does it have to do with him being a child?”

Serenity: “He just thinks it’s normal for adults to go to work and children to go to kindergarten. If adults don’t go to work and he has to go to kindergarten, he thinks it’s abnormal. You don’t bring Titus here this time, oh, Titus also has to go to kindergarten.”

Serenity smiled, added, “I went to your place during the summer vacation. After Sonny came back, he often talked about Titus. Sometimes when he did something wrong, my sister would compare Titus with him.”

Sonny regarded Titus as the target of the competition.

Although the two little guys were not very old, but after getting along, Sonny realized that he was not as good as Titus. Titus knew more than him, and he was even more stable than him. Powerful, surprising Titus.

He didn’t want to go to kindergarten anymore, Liberty would indeed say that he couldn’t concentrate on doing things, he was half-hearted. How could he compare with Titus?

The little guy pouted, put his little schoolbag on his back, and went to kindergarten honestly.

Jane: “Titus also often thinks about Sonny, and even asks me when Sonny will come to play at home again.”


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