Married at First Sight Chapter 2354 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2354 by desirenovel-Mrs. Lane brought tea and fruit snacks to the two honored guests.

After Elisa sat down, she dared to hug the child, and she hugged Avah again from the arms of her future mother-in-law.

The little baby looked at Elisa with big black and bright eyes, and soon smiled at Elisa.

Elisa: “Avah smiled at me.”

The little baby’s smile made Elisa so happy that she couldn’t help kissing Avah’s little face a few times.

Alannah was very satisfied with Elisa, the future youngest daughter-in-law, and she also liked Jane, the oldest daughter-in-law, but Elisa’s personality was quite similar to hers, and people with similar personalities could get along better.

Alannah smiled and said, “Avah smiles, it seems that she likes you very much.”

Jane also said: “Avah’s personality must be like her father’s. She’s only a few months old now, but she will be obvious in a few years. She usually doesn’t like to cry, she is quiet, but rarely.”

Avah wouldn’t show a smile to someone she’s only met a few times.

Elisa had only met Avah twice until today, and Avah would smile at her, it could indeed be said that Avah liked this aunt.

“It’s good to be like her father, her father is very good.”

Serenity leaned over, teased Avah, smiled and said to Alannah: “My grandma must be very happy to see you bringing your two children here.”

Alannah: “That’s right, the old lady hugged Avah and didn’t let go. If I wasn’t for Avah’s own grandma, I wouldn’t be able to snatch her away.”

Serenity rubbed her stomach, “I don’t know if this is a son or a daughter in my stomach. Everyone hopes that this is a daughter. My sixth sense tells me that it’s a son.”

Her in-laws had high hopes for her baby.

It was because of what the master said, that she and Zachary were destined to have both sons and daughters.

“My children are all well.”

Alannah comforted Serenity as someone who had experienced it, “Whether it is a son or a daughter, as long as you discipline them well and cultivate them into talents, parents will enjoy happiness. You see, I also have two sons, and I have no daughter. I regret it, but there will be two daughters-in-law.

It’s the same for a daughter-in-law as a daughter. I treat Jane like a daughter. Elisa will be my other daughter in the future. I treat Elisa and Jane equally.”

Elisa blushed slightly, while Jane smiled and said, “Mom, Elisa’s face is all red.”

Elisa blushed, but said generously: “Auntie treats me like a daughter, and I will treat Auntie like my own mother.”

Elisa chose a man not only because of his ability, but also because of his family of origin.

The mother-in-law who cared most about the future was difficult to get along with.

Because when she was a child, she saw her grandma being very picky about her mother. Her mother was so good, she could go out of the hall and enter the kitchen, and won the trust of her grandpa.

She thought about looking for her husband’s family in the future, and she wanted to find a good mother-in-law who was sensible and reasonable, so that there would be less conflict between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.

So she first took a fancy to Zachary, not only Zachary, but also Zachary’s native family.

In fact, she didn’t miss Zachary’s mother, Tania, was a good mother-in-law.

At first, Tania didn’t like Serenity very much, but she didn’t do anything to hurt her daughter-in-law. When others picked on Serenity, Tania would try her best to protect her daughter-in-law.

She never said anything bad about her daughter-in-law outside.

She would not disturb her son and daughter-in-law casually, she was a mother-in-law who knew how to respect the decisions of the younger generation.

Alannah was easier to get along with, she was a person who did not have the pretensions of a wealthy family at all.


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