The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6382

Once he is cleared, his antidote will be cut off. Even if he is the son-in-law of the An family, even if he is the head of the An family, he will only die.

Therefore, based on this, it is destined that he can only climb as high as possible in the Po Qing Society. As for his status in society, it is insignificant.

In the Po Qing meeting, strength has always spoken.

It goes without saying that the Ying Lord is powerful, but apart from her, the three elders with the highest status in the Po Qing Society are the three elders, followed by the four earls, and then the descendants of the Ying Lord family including Jadiel.

Even though Jadiel was deeply trusted and valued by the British Lord, at Poqinghui, he met Uncle Sean You must also grovel and call yourself a subordinate.

This is like those relatives of the emperor in ancient times. Although they are related by blood and have a closer relationship with the emperor, no one can sit on the head of the first general of the dynasty and shit. The emperor will not agree to it.

Because of this, Chen Zhimin also wanted to take this opportunity to get close to Uncle Sean . If he could get closer to him, it would be beneficial in the future.

So the two drove straight to Manhattan Hospital, intending to go there to find out.


at the same time.

charlie bought a bouquet of flowers from the flower shop downstairs of Manhattan Hospital, and walked into the lobby on the first floor of Manhattan Hospital holding the flowers.

After identifying himself and the patient he wanted to visit to the receptionist, the receptionist immediately found the visitor application that Hank left through the nurse, so he immediately sent someone to take him to the elevator and said respectfully, “Sir, you can go directly from here.” Go up to the seventeenth floor, turn left after exiting the elevator and you will find Ward No. 1708.”

“Okay.” charlie nodded and stepped into the elevator.

The elevator went all the way up and stopped on the seventeenth floor.

charlie walked out of the elevator holding a bouquet and was about to go to ward 1708 when he heard a nurse hurriedly say to other people at the nurse station, “The emergency department said that a patient who was hit by a car accident will be transferred to ward 1707. Take the time to prepare.” Reception, people will be coming up from the medical elevator soon!”

Two nurses ran out of the nurse station in a hurry. One of them was waiting outside the door of the medical elevator with the previous person, and the other nurse went in directly. Ward 1707 checks the ward situation.

charlie, who was holding flowers in his hand, frowned slightly, because Hank was hospitalized at this time because of Zhou Liangyun, so charlie’s intuition told him that the person who was about to be admitted to ward 1707 should have an unusual background!

At this time, the medical elevator suddenly made a clear ding sound, and then the elevator door opened, and a young man was pushed out of the elevator lying on a mobile hospital bed.

The young man’s forehead was wrapped in a bandage and there were many bruises on his body. He lay motionless on the mobile hospital bed and couldn’t help but moan repeatedly.

charlie immediately felt that although the person on the hospital bed had no spiritual energy, he was an out-and-out warrior!

So charlie secretly released his spiritual energy to investigate, and found in that person’s body the poison that Po Qing would use to administer to dead soldiers and knightly guards!

charlie was very familiar with this kind of poison, because he had detoxified more than one person, and he was deeply impressed.

This discovery immediately shocked charlie, and he couldn’t help but think to himself, “The Qing Society is very efficient, and they found this place so quickly!”

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