The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6383

Because he knew that the Po Qing Club was now much lower-key, so when charlie came to New York this time, he really never thought that he would interact with the Po Qing Club.

However, as soon as he arrived on the seventeenth floor of Manhattan Hospital, an injured person from the Qing Dynasty was immediately brought in. This could not be a coincidence.

charlie’s intuition told him that the Po Qing Meeting must have come for Zhou Liangyun.

And their purpose of approaching Zhou Liangyun, needless to say, must be the Sifang Baozhu. 

charlie thought to himself, “When I called Wan’er, she said that Willie once mentioned Sifang Baozhuan to her father Aasif, so naturally Sara also knows The existence of Sifang Baozhuang is even very likely to be the only person in Po Qinghui who knows the true background of Sifang Baozhuang. Now that people from Poqinghui are eyeing this place, then this must be Sara’s order.”

Thinking of this, charlie felt a little more cautious.

He knew that in addition to Sara, there were three elders and an earl in the Po Qing Association. If Sara sent an earl, he would have a chance of winning, but if she sent any of the three elders, he might resist them. Can’t live.

After all, those are the three masters who are about to open the Niwan Palace, and their strength cannot be underestimated.

charlie roughly analyzed the current situation and felt that it was better to bring Zhou Liangyun to a safe area as soon as possible to avoid long nights and dreams.

Before, it was just the Rothschild family who wanted to catch him, but now, even the Qing Dynasty Society has become involved. If they don’t find a way to transfer Zhou Liangyun as soon as possible, he and he may be in danger.

It is not advisable to fight at this time, safety is the most important thing.

Seeing the other party being pushed into ward 1707, charlie walked to the door of ward 1708.

After knocking twice, he opened the ward door without waiting for Hank inside to respond.

The single ward where Hank is located is more like a one-bedroom apartment. There is a small hall for resting at the entrance, and the ward is inside.

At this time, Hank was lying on the bed bored, waiting for the doctor’s follow-up examination.

Seeing charlie come in, he quickly stood up and said respectfully, “Mr. Wade, you are here!”

charlie nodded, put the flowers aside, and asked him, “Has Howard given you any new instructions?”

Hank blurted out, “Back to Mr. Wade, not yet. He asked me to find out the situation here first and wait for his instructions!”

charlie asked again, “Based on your understanding of him, what do you think he will do next?” ?Is it possible for you to snatch the person away?”

Hank thought for a while, shook his head and said, “Probably not. When he asked me to come, I made a statement, saying that I would snatch the person back at all costs. Tortured, but he refused. In my opinion, he would never dare to do it again at this timeRecklessly. “

charlie nodded, thinking to himself, “If Howard can’t find a breakthrough point here, then he will definitely change his mind and let Uncle Zhou go. It will take Arman  seven or eight hours to land in Jinling. Including the time for him to hand over to Grandpa Sun, the time for Grandpa Sun to leave for Eastcliff, and the time for handing over the Sifang Baozhuang to the officials, it will be delayed for at least another six or seven hours. In this case, there are still almost thirteen or four hours. , the news of Sifang Baozhu’s return to China will be released.

So, he asked Hank, “If I want to take people away by force, do you have any good suggestions? ” “

Hank said, “Back to Mr. Wade, the FBI has at least ten people here. If they rush in, the FBI will definitely summon all New York’s S.A.T., that is, special police, in the shortest possible time. Dozens of police aircraft Helicopters will surround this place within ten minutes. If you snatch him away, this incident will probably become the headlines all over the world, and the impact will be very bad. I am afraid that Mr. Zhou will have to hide in Tibet from now on. “

That makes sense. ” “charlie nodded, and at the same time released his spiritual energy to check the conditions of several wards inside.

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