The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6384

This check didn’t matter, charlie found that there were far more than the ten people Hank said, but almost twenty people.

Among them, 02 In the three wards, 03 and 04, there are four more people in each ward. In ward 1701, in addition to Zhou Liangyun, there are six people guarding them. Moreover

, these FBIs are all armed with live ammunition. Once someone rushes in, If they go in, they will shoot without hesitation.

As long as they shoot, the situation will inevitably escalate.

charlie has no enmity with the FBI, and it is impossible to kill these FBI who protect Zhou Liangyun, so if this matter is The hard ones are basically unsolvable.

However, there are no good breakthrough points for the soft ones.

You can’t just take turns brainwashing the nearly 20 people on the other side, right?

Even if you successfully take the people out, won’t Zhou Liangyun become a wanted man? Have you committed a crime? According to his own wishes, he would rather sit in jail than bear the crime of a wanted criminal.

Just when charlie was in a dilemma, his mobile phone suddenly received a WeChat message.

The WeChat message was sent by Lin Waner It came with the content: “Sir, Sara has gone to New York! Please leave quickly! Seeing this, Ye

Charlie frowned slightly and quickly replied to her, “When did it happen?” Lin

Wan’er quickly replied, “Just now, her special plane took off from Buenos Aires. I checked the route application.

This plane flies directly to New York. “

charlie didn’t expect that this time Sara would come to look for the Sifang Baozhuang in person, and he couldn’t help but feel a little nervous.

Since the Qing Dynasty Society had already sent people to Manhattan Hospital, charlie speculated that once Sara came to New York, she would definitely Come to the hospital to see Zhou Liangyun.

Zhou Liangyun can still save his life in the hands of the Rothschild family, but in the hands of Sara, there is absolutely no chance of survival.

Moreover, Sara must have the ability to make him tell what he wants Everything he knew.

So, charlie asked Lin Waner, “How long does it take to fly from Buenos Aires to New York?” Lin Wan’er replied, “

Sir, judging from Sara’s model, the fastest is ten hours.” “

charlie said, “It takes ten hours to fly, and it takes at least half an hour to get out of customs. It takes exactly eleven hours to get to me. Lin Wan’er said, “

It’s almost the same, but I suggest you to leave New York as soon as possible. It’s too dangerous to stay there.” “

charlie said, “I can’t leave yet unless I can take Uncle Zhou away. “

Lin Wan’er said, “The young master must make a quick decision and solve everything within eight hours, so that he can evacuate calmly. “

charlie was a little worried.

After eight hours, could he think of a suitable way to take Zhou Liangyun away?

Just when he felt a little at a loss what to do, Steve Rothschild suddenly called charlie. The phone

call After being connected, Steve said on the other end, “Mr. Wade, my father has made representations to the New York police and the court. He has withdrawn all accusations against Peter Zhou, claiming that there was a problem with the testing equipment used by his team. , the Sifang Baozhan that Zhou Peter gave to him is the real Sifang Baozhan, not a fake, so Zhou Peter will be acquitted soon.

charlie asked, “Acquitted? ” In this case, how soon can everything be resolved? “

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