The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6387

” Dr. wade? ” Dr. Pitt looked at charlie Wade next to the female nurse in surprise, and asked curiously, “Which department are you from?” “

charlie Wade did not answer his question, but said to the female nurse, “It has nothing to do with you here. Go back to work and continue working. Remember not to tell anyone about my coming here. “

The female nurse nodded immediately, turned around and walked out.

Dr. Pitt was even more confused. He didn’t understand what this man wearing a mask was doing. The doctor named Ye didn’t even wear a doctor’s white coat.

Ye At this time, charlie walked up to Dr. Pete and also used spiritual energy to give him a psychological suggestion, reminding him, “Pete, right? I am now the boss of your emergency department. Later, you will come with me to see the patient in 1707. What should I do?” Say, you can agree to whatever I ask, and you can do whatever I ask for unconditionally. Do you understand?

Dr. Peter nodded without thinking, “I understand, Dr. wade! ” “

charlie Wade nodded with satisfaction, and then asked him, “Where is the medical record of patient 1707? Let me take a look. “

“good. “Dr. Peter immediately found 1707’s medical record and handed it to charlie Wade.

charlie Wade took a look and found that the patient’s name was Sun Ke. He was admitted to the hospital because he was hit by a vehicle. He had multiple cartilage contusions and skin trauma. This

 but it didn’t hurt my muscles and bones, and it didn’t seem to be a big problem.

charlie Wade asked him, “This man’s illness is not serious. There is no need to admit him to the hospital, right? Can’t we just observe him in the emergency room?”

Dr. Pitt quickly said, “Mr. wade, you don’t know something. This Sun Ke is Chen Zhimin’s assistant. Chen Zhimin is the son-in-law of the An family and is very famous in New York. At that time, Chen Zhimin called the chairman of the hospital. The chairman paid special attention and arranged for him to be arranged in the comprehensive ward on the 17th floor for good treatment and recovery.”

charlie Wade suddenly frowned and said, “You What did you say? An’s son-in-law Chen Zhimin?”

“Yes!” Dr. Pitt nodded heavily, “That’s him!”

charlie Wade clenched his teeth subconsciously and clenched his fists.

It seems that among the three people in ward 1707 just now, one is the so-called injured person who was brought in before, the other is Uncle Sean among the four counts, and the third is his uncle, Chen Zhimin!

Before, Anjia only highly suspected that something was wrong with him, but there was no clear evidence. 

However, today he actually appeared here with Sean Bo.

This completely confirms the fact that he is an undercover agent of the Qingqing Society!

Thinking of this, charlie Wade sneered and thought to himself, “It seems that Sara really wanted to get the Sifang Baozhuang this time and sent Chen Zhimin and Uncle Sean here.”

So, charlie Wade took out his mobile phone and sent a message to his grandfather, The content is “Grandpa, there is absolute evidence that Chen Zhimin is a member of the Qingqing Society. Now that I have the opportunity to kill him, do you think I should kill him or not?”

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