The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6388

at this moment.

Eastcliff, China.

It was early morning in Eastcliff, and An Qishan had already gotten up early, dressed neatly, and was preparing to attend a very important business event.

In the past few days, An Qishan, accompanied by his eldest son Asher, second son Homula, and Chinese detective Li Yalin, signed strategic cooperation agreements with various government departments in Eastcliff.

For An Qishan, he is particularly excited and looking forward to being able to come back and contribute to the construction of the motherland.

For the officials, the return of well-known overseas Chinese to invest in China is naturally an excellent case for cooperation, and they will naturally accelerate the progress wholeheartedly.

Therefore, the efficiency of signing cooperation is very fast, and a batch of business contracts are basically signed every day.

Today, An Qishan made another very big move. On behalf of many airlines controlled and invested by Anjia, he ordered nearly a hundred of China’s own large passenger aircraft from China.

China Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China also warmly invited him to take a short-distance flight on a domestically produced large passenger aircraft in Eastcliff this morning.

An Qishan, who was dressed very grandly, had just gone out to meet his two sons and Li Yalin when he received a text message from charlie Wade.

As he looked at the phone, his expression suddenly became very shocked. Immediately, he said to the three people around him, “You guys come to my room first.”

After that, he turned around and returned to his room without waiting for the three people to respond. .

The three of them didn’t know why and quickly followed in.

After closing the door, An Qishan looked at the three of them, handed the phone to Li Yalin, and said, “Yalin, the three of you circulate it and don’t say anything. After the circulation is completed, you just need to tell me whether you have any opinions or not.” No objection, no matter whether you have it or not, don’t give any reason.”

The three of them were even more confused. Li Yalin quickly took the phone and read it first. After reading it, his expression suddenly changed.

However, he did not dare to delay and quickly handed the phone to Asher.

Asher was shocked after reading it and handed the phone to Homula.

Homula’s eyes widened, and then he handed the phone to An Qishan silently, and then asked in a low voice, “Dad, who will express his stance first?”

An Qishan said lightly, “I will express my stance first!”

The three of them quickly looked at him, I didn’t even dare to breathe.

An Qishan’s expression flashed with a trace of cruelty, and he gritted his teeth and said coldly, “I have no objection!”

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