The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6389

An Qishan expressed his attitude, and Asher on the side said without hesitation, “Dad, since charlie already has conclusive evidence, I have the same point of view as you!”

Homula nodded, “Dad, I and I Like a big brother, I firmly support your decision!”

Li Yalin on the side smacked his lips. He knew what the old man said was cryptic, so he said, “Uncle An, I also support you, but once this matter is done, will you blame in the future? Er?”

An Qishan waved his hand, “The An family will not lack this basic judgment. Tablita will definitely understand.”

After saying that, An Qishan added, “However, except for charlie, there are only four of us in this matter. You know, after the matter is completed, no matter what Tablita thinks, we will never mention it, and everyone will understand it tacitly.”

The three of them nodded together.

Tacit understanding is the best solution for this kind of thing.

So, An Qishan paused for a few seconds, quietly wiped the tears from the corner of his eyes, and sent a message to charlie Wade with a determined expression, “charlie, if your own safety can be ensured, Chen Zhimin will kill you if he can!” 

Then, he sent another message to charlie Wade, “charlie, when you kill him, say hello to him for me!”

An Qishan used to think highly of Chen Zhimin.

He felt that although Chen Zhimin’s family background was average, he was very talented, capable and knowledgeable when he was young.

In An Qishan’s view, the shadow of bruce Wade can be seen in Chen Zhimin.

At that time, bruce Wade and his daughter had been killed. Although he was sad, he felt somewhat comforted when he saw Chen Zhimin.

It was precisely because he had always been extremely guilty of bruce Wade that An Qishan couldn’t help but regard Chen Zhimin as his own, cultivated him with all his heart, trusted him absolutely, and completely regarded him as his own son.

However, when charlie Wade told him that there was conclusive evidence that Chen Zhimin was an undercover agent of the Qinghui, he felt deeply betrayed and felt a little regretful.

That’s because he thought that with Chen Zhimin, he had made up for the regret he felt towards bruce Wade to a certain extent. But now, everything was in vain due to his own wishful thinking.

It even made him feel even more ashamed of bruce Wade.

Because, such a good son-in-law is rare to find among ten thousand, but he himself failed him.

And Chen Zhimin, who he had treated sincerely for many years, turned out to be a wolf cub with deep hidden intentions and vicious intentions. This not only amplified his guilt towards bruce Wade, but also amplified his complaints against himself.

Asher saw that his father seemed to have suddenly become slumped and aged. He thought that he was blaming himself for what happened to Chen Zhimin, so he quickly stepped forward to support him and said softly, “Dad, everything in the past is a foregone conclusion, so don’t overdo it.” I’m immersed in the past. Fortunately, these things can still be made up for.”

An Qishan let out a long sigh and murmured, “A lot of things have passed. I’m sorry to bruce wade. I will never have the chance to make up for this matter in this life… …”

Asher was startled for a moment, and then he realized that his father was sad and blamed himself not because of Chen Zhimin, but because of bruce Wade.

It has been twenty years since bruce Wade passed away. There is indeed no chance to make amends for the mistakes made back then.

At this time, Homula stepped forward and whispered, “Dad, although brother-in-law has no chance to make up for it, charlie is still here. He is the blood of brother-in-law. From now on, our An family, from top to bottom, will do our best to make up for charlie. It’s the best way to make up for your brother-in-law.”

An Qishan nodded slightly, held the hands of his two sons for a long time, and then said, “Let’s go, don’t let people wait too long.”When the four people came out of the room, Chen Zhimin’s fate was already sealed.

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