The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6391

At this moment, Chen Zhimin did not realize what was special about the Chinese doctor wearing a mask in front of him.

He felt that with his rank, even if the chairman of this hospital came, he would still have to kowtow to him.

As for the little emergency room manager here, he just wanted to find an opportunity to get to know himself and to curry favor with him.

Therefore, he did not take charlie Wade in front of him seriously.

charlie Wade smiled faintly at this time and said to Chen Zhimin, “Hello Mr. Chen, I am the person in charge of the emergency department. We are here mainly to find the patient’s family. Are you a family member of the patient?”

Chen Zhimin nodded and said arrogantly, “He is my assistant, and I am his family member. If you have anything, please tell me.”

charlie Wade smiled slightly and said, “That’s it, Mr. Chen, because you are our Distinguished guests of the hospital, in order to show our respect for Mr. Chen, we have decided to transfer this patient to the ward on the top floor, which is much larger and has complete facilities and is more convenient for you and your companions to accompany you.”

With that, charlie Wade also waved his hand towards the expressionless middle-aged man inside, seemingly saying hello attentively.

He knew that that person was Uncle Sean .

Moreover, Uncle Sean did not contain his spiritual energy at all.

This is also because charlie Wade has been using the restrained mental method of spiritual energy. Uncle Sean did not notice any abnormality, so he was not too cautious.

Uncle Sean was so proud that he didn’t even look down on Chen Zhimin, so how could he look down on charlie Wade who was dressed as a doctor in front of him, so he completely ignored charlie Wade’s overtures.

Chen Zhimin never expected that charlie Wade came here to change the ward for his “assistant”. He specifically asked the chairman to make arrangements, and then asked the doctor to assign the assistant to this floor, saying that he could not leave under any circumstances.

So he said lightly, “Your goodI understand, but there is no need to change the ward. The conditions here are not bad, and there will be no problems with our care here. Please come back. Ye

charlie said hurriedly, “Don’t worry, Mr. Chen. The environment upstairs is really much better than here, and you don’t have to worry about anything. We will arrange for someone to help you change wards, and there will also be dedicated people to guide you.” Go up. “

“No need!” “Chen Zhimin said impatiently, “If there is nothing else, please go out and don’t disturb the patient’s rest.

Seeing that he was a little angry, charlie Wade deliberately lowered his voice and said helplessly, “Mr. Chen, to tell you the truth, the situation in our ward on this floor is quite special today! ” “

When Chen Zhimin heard this, he immediately glanced at charlie Wade warily, and asked pretending to be curious, “What situation is more special? “

charlie Wade quickly explained, “Mr. Chen, you don’t know something. There is a prisoner living in ward 1701, and he is the prisoner who has attracted more attention in the past two days. He is guarded by the FBI…”

Chen Zhimin was surprised when he heard this. At the same time, he also lowered his vigilance towards charlie Wade himself, because what charlie Wade said was the actual situation he knew.

So he pretended to be surprised and asked, “What does that prisoner have to do with us?” Will we be in their way here? “

charlie Wade nodded and said seriously, “To be honest, the person in charge of the FBI has very clear requirements for us, that is to clear the wards on the seventeenth floor as much as possible and transfer patients to other floors. Patients who really cannot be transferred, The number of caregivers must also be strictly limited, with no more than one relative allowed to accompany them. “

charlie Wade deliberately revealed the truth about Zhou Liangyun and the FBI in order to deceive him with the most sincere appearance.

Chen Zhimin and Uncle Sean.

His purpose was to physically separate the two people.

Only by separating them can we defeat them one by one.

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