The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6392

Therefore, he deliberately moved out of the FBI and made up a so-called “requirement” that did not exist.

However, with the truth told before, the lie later seems very credible.

Chen Zhimin and Uncle Sean didn’t even have any discussion, they both felt that charlie Wade must be telling the truth.

They also felt that the FBI must have strictly limited the number of people accompanying patients in order to reduce potential risks as much as possible. This requirement is well-founded and convincing.

However, Chen Zhimin naturally didn’t want to just give in. Although

he initially thought that Uncle Sean might not be able to meet him, the opportunity to make a difference is right in front of him. If there is one person who must leave, it will be for sure. It’s me. In that case, if this thing comes to pass, wouldn’t my own credit be greatly diluted?

So, he said to charlie Wade, “It’s okay, you don’t have to worry about them. If they come to me, I will communicate with their leaders and won’t make it difficult for you.”

charlie Wade said hurriedly, “Mr. Chen, this is not okay! The requirements from the FBI are very clear. If you two are unwilling to separate, you will have no choice but to move to a ward on another floor.”

As he said, he deliberately proposed a plan, “Okay, Mr. Chen, I will arrange for you to be in a ward on the 10th floor. For the ward on the sixth floor near the elevator, you only need to walk a few dozen meters and you will be able to change quickly.”

Upon hearing this, Chen Zhimin immediately said, “No! My assistant has just been injured, so we must not torment him in this situation! “

charlie Wade deliberately took out the assistant’s emergency medical records and said, “Mr. Chen, your assistant is actually fine.It’s okay to be hospitalized for observation, or to go home for recuperation. If you think it’s not possible, I can arrange for a few doctors and nurses to monitor him 24 hours a day at his home. At home, the injured person’s mood and recovery speed will definitely be better than It’s much better in the hospital. Chen

Zhimin was a little annoyed and immediately said, “You don’t understand what I say, do you?” I said the injured should not be tormented! He is in this ward and not going anywhere! Seeing him getting angry, Ye

charlie could only say helplessly, “Mr. Chen, if the patient doesn’t leave here, then one of you or the gentleman behind you must leave first. This is a death order from the FBI. If you If they refuse to cooperate, then I can only tell them the truth and let them communicate with you.

” Asshole! ” “Chen Zhimin gritted his teeth angrily!

He didn’t expect that charlie would not give him any face, and even told the truth to the FBI.

Although he was very popular in New York, everyone now knew that the New York police and FBI If their reputation is in serious danger, they will definitely try their best to ensure that Peter Zhou doesn’t have any problems again, so if they go against them, they will definitely not give themselves a chance.

And  Sean next to them will not do anything good for a while. method, let alone directly take action against those FBI, so the current situation is really a bit passive.

Sean did not doubt charlie Wade’s words. He had already found out that there were at least ten or twenty FBI around Peter Zhou. Moreover, the FBI is armed with live ammunition. It is reasonable for them to make security requirements for the hospital. If Chen Zhimin continues to refuse to cooperate and attracts the FBI, it will definitely be a trouble. Thinking of

this, Sean said without hesitation, ” Mr. Chen, one thing is better than one thing less. It’s a troubled time in New York right now. We’d better not get in trouble with the FBI. I’ll be with you here. You’d better go back and rest early. “

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