The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6393

In Sean’s opinion, Chen Zhimin’s staying would certainly be helpful to him. If he succeeded, he would also need his help to cover his retreat and help find a safe place to stay.

Therefore, Uncle Sean did not want Chen Zhimin to leave.

But at the moment, Uncle Sean doesn’t dare to cause trouble.

He sees form clearly and knows what is important and what is important.

First of all, I definitely can’t leave.

Because only he has the ability to snatch Peter Zhou away from the FBI;

secondly, he does not dare to let Chen Zhimin stay and challenge the FBI’s requirements; Because

if it is true It attracted the attention of the FBI. If the FBI came to force them to change wards, they would be in a difficult situation. They had little chance of winning if they took action directly. But if they really changed floors, I’m afraid they wouldn’t have a chance to take action.

So after careful consideration, Sean decided to let Chen Zhimin go first to avoid attracting the attention of the FBI.

When Chen Zhimin heard what Uncle Sean said, he felt very unhappy, even ten thousand unhappy.

But he also understood that in this case, he definitely couldn’t dwell on it.

After all, the FBI is just a few wards away from here. If they were really provoked, the mission might not be completed, and the British master would definitely punish him by then.

So, he could only nod helplessly and said to Uncle Sean, “Old Zhang, please take care of me here. I’ll go back first. If you need anything, call me.”

Uncle Sean pretended to be respectful and said, “Okay, Mr. Chen.” , please walk slowly.”

Chen Zhimin felt resentful in his heart, rolled his eyes at charlie Wade, then snorted coldly, waved his hands and left.

When charlie Wade saw him going out, he pretended to be relieved and said to Uncle Sean, “Thank you both for your cooperation. We are all here for work. Please understand.”

Uncle Sean did not doubt charlie Wade, so he also ordered He nodded and said, “It’s understandable that everyone is here for work. We follow the FBI’s requirements. Doctor, try not to let the FBI disturb us. “

“good! “charlie Wade nodded, and then whispered, “Then I won’t disturb you! “

With that said, charlie Wade turned around and walked out with Dr. Pitt.

Sean glanced at Dr. Pitt who was following him, and felt that this doctor seemed a little dazed, but because he was not proficient in psychological suggestion, so He didn’t pay much attention to it.

After charlie Wade came out, he happened to see Chen Zhiming walking to the elevator entrance angrily, so he immediately took a few steps to follow him. The

elevator door opened and as soon as Chen Zhiming stepped into the elevator, charlie Wade walked directly He followed in.

Seeing charlie Wade follow him into the elevator, Chen Zhimin felt very angry. He tugged on his collar and asked with a stern face, “What are you doing following me?” Are you qualified to ride in the same elevator as me? go out! “

charlie Wade chuckled and said quickly, “Mr. Chen, please don’t be angry. I asked you to leave one of the two. This is the request of the FBI. The FBI doesn’t do much business all day long. It’s the bullshit that ruins the situation.” A lot. Think about it. A big shot like you is one of the most distinguished guests in our hospital. If the FBI hadn’t been nagging there, give me the courage, I wouldn’t have dared to offend you. You said so? no? “

charlie Wade’s two compliments made Chen Zhimin’s angry mood ease a little.

He thought to himself that the doctor in front of him must be acting under orders. No one else would be able to ignore the FBI’s request, and this doctor’s attitude can be considered I am humble, I speak nicely, and the anger in my heart has somewhat dissipated.


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