The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6394

Yes, he said expressionlessly, “You are right, these FBIs, every one of them, are all F*cking trash! If you can’t handle your own business for nothing, why don’t you take care of other F*cking things?” The patient’s family members are here, what a F*cking bastard!”

charlie Wade nodded and said with an apologetic smile, “You’re right!”

After saying that, he quickly lowered his voice and continued, “Mr. Chen, don’t be too anxious. I’ll wait until tonight. Observe the activities of the FBI. If they relax and are not so strict at night, if you want to come and visit, I will find a way for you.”

When Chen Zhimin heard this, his eyes suddenly lit up and he subconsciously asked, “This method Is it feasible?”

charlie Wade said attentively, “I don’t think the problem is big, but we still have to wait until night to observe and observe. They are a bunch of people who are tight and loose at one time. They will be stricter when the leader comes, and looser when the leader leaves.”

Chen Zhimin thought The doctor wanted to curry favor with him, so he immediately said, “If you can help me handle this matter, I will definitely put in a good word for you in front of your chairman later.”

charlie Wade said excitedly, “Oh, Mr. Chen , thank you so much!”

After saying that, seeing the elevator reaching the underground garage, charlie Wade said, “Mr. Chen, I will take you to the car, and we will chat on the way.

” First, he didn’t take a driver with him when he went out this time. He drove to the airport to pick up Uncle Sean himself, so it was much more convenient for the two of them to talk.

As Chen Zhimin walked towards his Rolls-Royce, he asked charlie Wade, “When do you think they will be more relaxed?”

charlie Wade hurriedly said, “I guess it will be about the same in one, two, two or three hours.” .”

Saying that, charlie Wade said again, “I suggest you, don’t…”

Before charlie Wade finished speaking, Chen Zhimin saw someone coming towards him and immediately interrupted, “Ahem, I’ll leave the patient to you.I’m sure you can rest assured, but my requirement is that the patient must receive the best treatment and use the best medicine, and the patient must not be left with any sequelae! “

charlie Wade nodded quickly following his words, “That’s right, that’s right. Don’t worry about that. We are quite thorough in what we do. “

Chen Zhimin hummed with satisfaction and walked to the Rolls-Royce at this time, so he said to charlie Wade, “Get in the car and talk. “

“good! “charlie Wade nodded repeatedly. Seeing that the Rolls-Royce had automatically unlocked, he took the initiative to open the door for Chen Zhimin. After asking him to sit in, he went around to the passenger seat, opened the door and got in.

After entering, charlie Wade Chen immediately used his spiritual energy to check the Rolls-Royce.

This Rolls-Royce was different from most Rolls-Royces. The glass, door panels and chassis of the entire car were extremely thick and bullet-proof and explosion-proof. Eavesdropping, and there were no other electronic eavesdropping devices in the car, so the security was very strong.

At this moment, charlie Wade was relieved, and Chen Zhimin next to him felt as relaxed as if he had arrived at home. He picked up a bottle of Fiji water and took a sip. He said to charlie Wade, “If you can get me back to the ward within two hours, I will reward you greatly.” “

charlie Wade smiled slightly, took off his mask, looked at Chen Zhimin, and asked with interest, “I wonder what kind of reward Mr. Chen said about rewards? “

Chen Zhimin chuckled, stretched out a finger, and said arrogantly, “If you can solve the problem within two hours, I will give you one million U.S. dollars; if you can solve the problem within one hour, I will give you two million U.S. dollars. ! “

After saying that, he suddenly looked at charlie Wade, frowned, and said subconsciously, “Eh? Why do you look familiar to me? Have we met before? ”

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