The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6396

After a pause, charlie said again, “In addition, I advise you to put down the gun, because your pistol is of no use to me!” “Do you

know, you will break the four counts of the Qing Dynasty? Three of them died, without exception, all at my hands!”

“Did you know that all the dead soldiers stationed in Cyprus have surrendered to me!”

“You, a mere scholar, dare to point a gun at me, Are you really afraid that I will twist your head off and find another opportunity to kill your parents who were born as Knight Cavalry?!”

Chen Zhimin’s pupils suddenly shrank, and his fierce look was revealed in an instant!

He gritted his teeth and shouted angrily, “Whether what you say is true or false, you will die if you dare to threaten my family!” After

that, he pulled the trigger without hesitation. !

At this moment, charlie suddenly took action, grabbed the gun in his hand, and pressed the hammer on the back of the pistol with his thumb to apply a little force.


The gun didn’t fire, but the alloy hammer had broken off!

Without the hammer, the pistol lost the key component for firing the bullet primer. Even if Chen Zhimin kept pulling the trigger hard, the pistol could not fire at all.

He never dreamed that charlie would have such strength!

The hammer made of alloy can be broken directly with just one finger!

At this moment, he was suddenly terrified!

You know, these scholars, in order to avoid exposing their identities to the greatest extent, have not been allowed to practice martial arts since they were young.

Their mission is to study, study and study again to ensure that they can be admitted to any top university in the world.

In this way, they can easily sneak into any family, and even the An family will not notice anything unusual about them.

And this means that Chen Zhimin is a useless waste.

In front of charlie, without a gun, he could only surrender.

So, he immediately put on a frightened face, threw the pistol into the back seat, raised his hands and said to charlie, “charlie… don’t get me wrong… although I am a scholar from the Po Qing Society, but I… But I really wholeheartedly work for Anjia… Your aunt and I also really love each other…”

charlie sneered and said, “After I killed so many people in the Po Qing Society, you still say such nonsense to me, do you think I Do you believe it? Are you overestimating your eloquence or underestimating my IQ?”

Chen Zhimin cried bitterly and said, “charlie… Since you know Po Qinghui, you know that I am also forced to have no choice! Ever since we were young, we can only do whatever the British Master says. If we slack off even a little bit, we will be killed, let alone resist…”

charlie smiled and said, “No need to work in vain. After today, you If you die, I will kill you with my own hands, as well as the loyal uncle upstairs, and use your heads to give Sara a grand welcome gift!” When

Chen Zhimin heard this, he immediately said hysterically, “Kill me, your aunt I won’t forgive you! Your cousin won’t forgive you! Your grandpa will never forgive you! He regards me as his own and treats me as his own. If you kill me, how can he bear it at such an old age?”

charlie Smiling calmly, “Not long ago, I sent a message to my grandpa. He told me that if I can kill, I will kill you. So today, you must die! In addition, the An family will not help others do evil. If my aunt knows your true identity, she will not either.” I have good thoughts towards you, and as for my cousin whom I have never met, if she thinks that I am the person who killed her father, she can seek revenge from me in the future.”

At this point, charlie changed the topic and asked him “Do you think your daughter will still regard you as her father after knowing your true identity?”

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