Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1405 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Chapter 1405

“What’s wrong with me being here to watch over Liberty? How does it affect you? Who are you to Liberty? Is it your place to influence my decision? You don’t need to care about how Liberty is doing It’s your family–your awesome sister–in–law–that caused her to be lying there now!” Duncan said to Chelsea.

“Jessica is a spiteful woman. I never considered her as my sister–in–law, and I only recognize Liberty as that.”


Duncan said sarcastically, “Have you forgotten what you did to Liberty back then, Mrs. Repton? Liberty needs rest, and your family isn’t welcome here, so please leave now!”

Duncan gestured to the Yorks‘ bodyguards to shoo Chelsea, her parents, and George.

The Browns were the most bizarre and outrageous people he had ever met.

Chelsea did not get to see Liberty. Duncan was standing in the doorway, so she did not even have a chance to get close.

The York’s bodyguards came to shoo her, so her parents pulled her away.

In Duncan’s words, Liberty was lying there at the moment because of their family.

After the Browns left, Duncan looked at Liberty again through the ward’s window.

“Liberty, don’t worry. I’ll help you teach them a lesson if they dare bully and pester you again. You must also be firm and don’t be fooled by their sweet words. They’re now bent on getting you and Hank to remarry because you’re capable of earning money now and your sister is married to a rich family. They only want to benefit from you.”

Duncan said many things to Liberty.

Originally, he agreed with Zachary and Serenity that they would split the night watch.

However, he could not leave and kept watch throughout the night.

Zachary wanted his beloved wife to rest well, to begin with, so he secretly turned off her alarm.

Duncan stayed awake until dawn and turned haggard overnight.

“Liberty, it’s almost daytime. Do you think the sun will be up today? Usually, you’ll already be busy working at your breakfast store at this time. I like to eat your breakfast and watch your confident and busy figure.

“Liberty, you have to wake up soon and stop sleeping. We’re all worried about you–so worried about you.

“Liberty, can you hear me? It’s okay if you can’t hear me now. I’ll tell you whatever you want me to say when you wake up.”

Liberty could not hear Duncan at the moment.

She was still in the dark, unable to find the light. She was anxious and wanted to break out of the darkness to save her child.

All of a sudden, a faint light appeared in front of her. She immediately followed the light.

“Lib, Lib…”

Liberty heard the familiar voices that were long embedded deep in her memories.

It was her parents!

She stopped, turned around, and actually saw her parents who had passed away sixteen years ago.

“Dad, Mom.”

Liberty was excited to see her parents. She quickly ran toward them.

“Dad, Mom, you’re back, you’re back. You’re finally back. Seren and I have missed you so much.”

Liberty buried herself in her mother’s arms and cried like a child.

“Lib, why are you here? This isn’t the place for you to come. You should go back.”

Liberty’s mom embraced her and spoke gently, but her words were the cruelest to her.

She finally saw her parents, but her mom wanted her to leave.

Liberty did not want to leave.

She wanted to be with her parents!

When Liberty’s parents passed away, she was the elder sister and was only fifteen. She braced herself to take care of her younger sister, but in fact, she wanted to rely on someone too and missed her parents very much. Liberty dreamed of her parents and had woken up many times. deep into the night when her tears wet her pillowcase.

Even after Liberty grew up and worked, every year on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, she saw that others could get together with their parents or at least give them a phone call. On the other hand, she and her sister could only rely on their memories, thinking about their parents‘ voices and smiles.

One time, Liberty secretly cried in the office and was discovered by a coworker. Her coworker was startled and asked her what was wrong, and she said she missed her parents.


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