Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1407 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Chapter 1407

Liberty saw that her son was well and her sister was also present. She could not speak yet, so she mustered a smile to comfort her sister, but the tears in the corner of her eyes could not be stopped.

She made the choice again.

Liberty temporarily abandoned her parents and chose to come back to stay with her sister and take care of her son.

“Doctor, how’s my sister-in-law doing?” Zachary asked.

“The patient is awake and is out of danger. She doesn’t need to stay in the ICU anymore.”

Everyone was finally relieved.

Liberty was transferred to a general ward, and Zachary arranged for her to stay in a VIP ward. It was quiet and suitable for his sister–in–law to recover.

Although Liberty was awake, her body was still very weak. After being pushed back into the ward, she quickly fell into a deep sleep again.

Serenity sat in front of the bed with Sonny in her arms to watch over her sister. She would gently touch the end of her sister’s nose from time to time to make sure that she was breathing normally. Only then was Serenity at ease.

It was after dawn when Zachary informed Mrs. Stone and the others that Liberty was out of danger and had woken up briefly.

Grandma May and the others arrived at the hospital early in the morning.

It was already too late when Grandma May returned to Wiltspoon last night, so the young ones refused to let her come to the hospital.

She could only endure until daybreak and came in a hurry.

“Nana,” Serenity stood up with Sonny in her arms and greeted her when she came into sight.

Grandma May hummed. She went to see Liberty first and saw that she was still sleeping with a pale face. She was heartbroken. “My heart aches. We had so many people, and yet we failed to protect a woman and a child!”

Zachary and Duncan kept mum.

They had indeed failed to protect the mother and the child well.

“What did the doctor say?” Grandma May asked Serenity.

“The doctor said that my sister’s life is no longer threatened. She woke up and came out of the ICU at daybreak. Now, she’s sleeping again.”

Grandma May hummed again. “As long as she’s fine, as long as she’s fine. I was so worried that I couldn’t sleep well. It’s alright, Seren. Don’t worry too much. I told you that you and your sister are immensely blessed. She’ll get better in no time.”

Afterward, she went to carry Sonny.

After being frightened, Sonny was only willing to be carried by Serenity and Zachary. Nonetheless, when Grandma May wanted to carry him, he still stretched out his hands and let her carry him.

“Sonny was frightened. He kept waking up and crying last night.”

“Of course. I’ll go find a therapist later to help calm him down. As long as we stay with him and slowly talk to him, he’ll recover.”

Grandma May believed that therapy could help a traumatized child.

Well, she had done this many times in the past.

Serenity believed in it as well. Since Grandma May suggested it, she thanked her for it.

“We’re family, so why are you thanking me? I feel sorry for Sonny too. Luckily, those bad guys were caught. This won’t happen again in the future.”

Even so, she still glared at her grandson.

Zachary was afraid to make a peep.

When Grandma May saw Duncan, she was shocked.

“Duncan, are you injured as well? You look terrible,” Grandma May asked with concern.

Everyone looked at Duncan.

Duncan touched his face and asked, “Do I look terrible? Grandma May, I’m not injured. I’m fine and don’t feel uncomfortable anywhere.”

He just watched over Liberty all night.

“Ghastly–you look ghastly. In fact, you look awful and haggard.”


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