Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 623 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 623

Jasmine dashed all the way to Shawn’s family home.

After pulling up, she sent a text message, asking Serenity to wait for her at the shop. She would be back in half an hour.

[Sure.] Serenity replied with a meme.

Mrs. Lowe was about to leave home for a social gathering. Her nights were either filled with game nights, social events, or accompanying her husband to business dinners.

Seeing that her son’s ride was parked outside the house, Mrs. Lowe was taken aback by her niece getting out of the car. She smiled. “Jasmine, what brings you here with Shawn?”

Mrs. Lowe then said to her son who had stepped out of the car. “Your dad said that you disappeared right after work. Shawn, your father’s busier than ever. You should be helping him.”

Her husband mentioned that the companies under Lowe Enterprise that had partnerships with York Corporation previously were discontinued for some reason. York Corporation ended these partnerships on their accord.

Out of the few projects under talks, York Corporation jumped in minutes before two projects were signed.

There was the possibility for projects and developments to fall through in business.

However, York Corporation’s blatant act of ending partnerships and stealing Lowe Enterprise’s projects was telling the world that York Corporation was against Lowe Enterprise.

Lowe Enterprise and York Corporation’s collaborations were minor developments as both companies were in different industries. However, York Corporation was sending a message to the world that put Lowe Enterprise in the spotlight.

Many wanted to know whether Lowe Enterprise had upset York Corporation.

No one would dare go up against York Corporation, except Stone Group. That was because Stone Group and its CEO were successful and in the same league as Zachary. It would be a suicide mission for Lowe Enterprise to challenge York Corporation as the company was not even ahead of Stone Group.

There were people betting on how long Lowe Enterprise would last against York.


Mrs. Lowe knew her husband had responded to the public and clarified that there was no bad blood between Lowe Enterprise and York Corporation. Nevertheless, York Corporation had not made any statements.

Her husband had been trying to meet with Mr. York, but the reply received was that the

CEO had no time before the year-end. Mr. York would need to check his schedule in the

new year.

The Great Mr. York was occupied with work, so it was not easy to set up an appointment.

Mrs. Lowe believed all was not lost as an appointment could be set next year. The Great Mr. York had demonstrated his fondness for her son during the last social event and both. of them exchanged a few words, which helped solidify her son’s position as the heir to Lowe Enterprise.

Hence, the company’s short-term predicament was not a serious worry to Mrs. Lowe.

“Mom, I went to look for Jas after work,” Shawn explained.

Mrs. Lowe told him off, “You love to follow your cousin around since you were little. You’re in your twenties now, but nothing has changed.”

“Aunt Rachel, are you heading out?”

Jasmine walked up the steps to her aunt and checked her out before complimenting her, ” Your makeup is on-point tonight, Aunt Rachel. You look younger by twenty years. We look like sisters when I stand next to you.”

Mrs. Lowe reached out and dabbed Jasmine’s lips. “You just know the right words to say, smooth talker! I’ll look younger without makeup if you can bring me good news like finding. a good man in your life.”

Jasmine smiled. “Don’t worry, Aunt Rachel. I expect a huge gift when I get married.”

“I have a lot of nieces and nephews, but you’re my favorite. I’ll give you the biggest gift when you get married. I can guarantee you’ll have the wedding of the century!”

“Don’t be in a hurry to leave, Aunt Rachel. Let’s head back inside. I need to talk to something.”

“What’s the matter?” Mrs. Lowe asked while making her way back in.

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